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What to do?

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

I need someone to come clean my house. Any takers?

Jon’s home for the next two days, to use up leave once more, and I’m sure I won’t get more than dishes and laundry done and maybe the piles of stuff from my living room removed that are from the play. When he’s home I just don’t get much done, though he is cleaning as I type this. We’re also spending part of Tuesday with his niece and her boys, so no one judge me on my crazy house till the end of the week, since I’m probably going to not be home too much anyways. I have things I want to start doing now that our summer can finally begin.

I am happy the play is over, though kinda sad too. I met some wonderful people and amazingly two live close by me and hopefully we can get together before another play begins.;)

I loved performing every night. I was always too shy to do anything like this when I was younger, so I hope this helps my girls have some extra confidence by being in these plays. We were able to sell out the theater about 4 times, that I know of, and most nights we were pretty full so we think, or hope, that we can do one next year.

I have lots of pictures and stories of things that happened on the last night. Jon loved the show since there was more improv and more punch lines that were not in the movie, which he has seen a million times lately. Even though I’m sad Lilah was sick on Friday night, or the night my mother-in-law came with Dara and Jason, I’m happy Jon got to see the fun closing night play, and I think I’ll make sure to get him tickets for that night in the years to come.

I’m off to wash dishes and start making my taco salad for FHE. Life never stands still for long.