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5 things- Ely trip

Monday, August 10th, 2009

We just returned home from visiting my sister Andrea and her family in Ely. My sister Carolyn came also came with us.

So here are my five things I’m thankful for that happened on the trip

1. Jon had to sit in the back seat because his hips were the smallest ones out of the three adults, and were the only ones who could fit in between the two booster seats. I’m so thankful he was willing to sit back there with squished legs and hips and put up with two silly girls who kept putting the toy snakes they bought in his ears.

2. Andrea and Brien for letting us invade their home all weekend.

3. Andrea and Brien for cooking such delicious food, even if they didn’t have everything a buffet would have.  😉

4. The beautiful outdoors. We went canoeing and it was absolutely beautiful, even if I felt like I was going through menopause because the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind. It was windy and cold, then calm and hot, windy and cold, than calm and hot, etc.

5. Carolyn who came with us and drove when I was sleepy. She also helped with all the children and I hope had fun with my silly family.