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5 things- Pine Valley style

Monday, August 24th, 2009

1. Husbands who watch your children so you can get away with friends.
2. Notes from your daughter when you return home.
3. Friends who stay up late to talk and  meeting new friends who help you feel completely open and yourself.
4. Running in the rain to collect yummy blackberries for your daughters.
5. Cuddling with babies while on the girls weekend.

I’m also excited to go back with my girls for a girls weekend with their best friend in a couple weeks. I know they’ll love it there.

Most expensive month yet.

Monday, August 24th, 2009

August apparently is our most expensive month yet.

New tires for the Toyota: too much money.
Repairing the Toyota from the small accident Lacey was in: too much money.
Buying a staff parking permit for Jon because they made a rule that staff could no longer just buy student parking: twice as much as student parking, AKA too much money.
Paying for Jon’s class: too much, at least until they reimburse us 80% of the costs of credits, Holla at discount tuition!
Paying the regular bills that we need: too much money.

Life is so expensive. In two months we will have spent around $1,500 on our cars, since Jon needed new tires last month, and this does not include the car payment or insurance.

Money stinks sometimes.