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Finger Prints

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

So Lilah just took her fingerprint. It was an idea that she got out of Little National Geographic. You rub pencil on a paper, then you rub your finger around in the pencil, then take tape and remove the fingerprint and put it on a piece of paper.

It was cool and Lilah has a loop imprint, though I admit my first instinct was to tell her to go wash her dirty finger when she was asking for tape.

We then did Eden’s and Eden has a whorl. So cool, I’ve always wanted a whorl fingerprint, loop is soo common. Just think, half of her DNA that made that whorl came from me, so it almost makes me have a whorl fingerprint too, kinda, but not really.

I would totally post pictures but Jon recently changed us to Linux and I have no idea how to import pictures and then edit. Our scanner is also disconnected because we had to plug something more important in and so the scanner got unplugged, though I can’t use it in Linux either. To think of it I have no idea what we plugged in and why and I’m not sure why I’m using Linux besides that Jon is making me ’cause it’s faster and more secure, or something like that. I may have to reboot into windows just because I’m also unsure of how to open photo’s to edit. Sure he showed me but it’s hard to teach an old dog a new web program and I’m am totally slacking on posting a picture post a week.

I’m also a little worried that someone might try to still my children’s identity if I post their fingerprints, not really, but you never know what wacko’s are reading your blog, or if the wacko is really the one writing it. Don’t answer that.

Also, it was totally a random homeschooling moment. We went online to compare the prints to tell us what each one was. I think next time I’ll have Lilah type in what we’re looking for. I’ll just need an ounce or two more of patience for slow typing.