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How to feel smarter by only spending $6.59.

Friday, September 4th, 2009

A while back when I was at Costco binging on school stuff I noticed they had various classroom sized maps. I was already spending a lot of money so I opted not to buy one even though I thought they were cool.

I didn’t tell Jon about the maps that day but about a week ago we were talking about something and having a map came up. I told Jon about the ones a Costco and he mentioned that a world map would be cool. (I would have bought just a United States one at the time, so I’m happy I didn’t that day, but what really stopped me from buying one was how big the maps are.)

So these maps are big. I didn’t know how big, but I knew they would be large and I knew that we didn’t have anywhere to put it. Jon said a map would be a good teaching tool, and of course I agreed, and we decided that I would buy a world map the next time I was at Costco and maybe hang it in our hallway.

I saw them and knew immediately that it wouldn’t fit on our hallway wall with what he measured, but with Costco they change what they have so I knew I needed to buy it now anyways, so I did. Jon, being the lover of knowledge he is, decided to hang it on our bedroom wall since it was the only place large enough.

Just looking at the map made me feel smarter. I didn’t feel smarter because I knew so much already, but because what I had learned about different countries in the world had faded and I enjoyed reading over it again and relearning things. I’m so happy that Jon had me buy the world map because the world is such an interesting place and I think I get caught up in knowing just about the United States when teaching the girls, but there is so much more.

I think it goes rather nicely with our blue wall and nothing matches decor. Maybe we’ll put it in the girl’s room when we finally get around to moving the bunk bed around.

Like I said, it only costs $6.59 at Costco and I think might be one of my better home school buys.

I feel smarter already and I know my girls will learn from it too.