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Welcome Back Ants!

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Each year we have an invasion of ants. It’s not fun and I was just thinking, “Hey we haven’t had any ants, good thing because I don’t have time to clean every part of my house.” that’s why it looks the way it does and why they were attracted to the crumbs and very old banana chip underneath my couch.

This evening Jon said how he’s had a couple of ant crawl on him. I immediately knew to pull the couch out from the wall. It’s against an outside wall, and the spot we had ants coming from 4 years ago when we moved in. I was nursing Eden on the couch at like 3 am and felt something crawling on me. I swiped it away and then I felt another one and looked down to see an ant in the dim light crawling up my arm and on the burp cloth. They loved the breast milk apparently and the crumbs in the couch. With Eden being just a  few weeks old we tried to avoid having a bug man come and spray. In the end I relented because they were everywhere. The girls room, my kitchen, and the living room. I was going crazy fighting them by mopping and vacuuming them up and then after I had the bug man come they were gone completely in about 2 days. He sprayed and set down liquid traps that I wish I could purchase for myself, but I’ve never found and they’re the only reason I pay $40 to have them come out last minute since we don’t have a monthly need for a bug man. (We only ever have had ant problems. I might find a bug here or there, but they’re not so many that I worry or need to.)

Now each year we get invaded at least once by the pesky ants. It usually between July and October. I’ve cleaned and set down some of my own ant traps that are suppose to kill the colony. I’m hoping we can take care of it ourselves.

One thing the ants always helps with is getting me to really clean every area of my house at once. I can’t stand them, and I can’t stand a cluttered house when the bug guy comes to spray.

Time will tell if I’ll have another graveyard on my hands.