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Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

This weekend was Greenopolis at our local girl scout building. The whole family went and we registered Lilah to be a Daisy Scout.

There are no troops in our local area so Jon and I, gulp, are looking at becoming troop leaders, double gulp. A troop needs at least two female leaders so my friend Sam is looking at becoming a leader with me. Since she has a child that is still regularly attached to her breast, she may or may not  be able to be a leader due to time constraints, though we could just be independent girl scouts together and have our girls do things together on a more whenever we have time basis because being the leaders of a troop would be a lot, but we both want our girls in girl scouts. Jon wants to also be a leader, but has warned that I would be doing the majority of it, because he’s working 40 plus hours and going to school. (40 plus hours because they’re entering the testing and actual implementing stage of the computer system they’re switching over to. He may not be taking a class next semester due to the higher and more intense workload, which does not make me happy.)

A part of me really wants to be a leader for Lilah’s troop if it means helping her meet other girls, though I don’t really like teaching kids or think that I would be a good leader. I have a tendency to sit back and watch and not get messy. I’m not sure if I’m cut out to be a leader to a troop of possibly rowdy and messy girls.

One reason I want to be a troop leader is I’ll be helping other children and our community. I’ve had people tell me I should have the girls in public school so I can be really involved in the PTA and help other kids whose parents don’t care. Well, my responsibility is to my own child when it comes to her education, so that’s who I put first. Since this is an extracurricular and not education specific, I think it’s an excellent way to give back, without putting my child in a situation that I think is less than desirable so I can help other people’s kids.

We’re still exploring the possibility, but as Sam and I discussed it would be out of our comfort zone and a hopefully a good experience for us and our girls. I admit I wish I could screen kids to see if any are crazy, but that’s life and hopefully our girls can meet new friends and gain a different perspective on life and I can learn from them.