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Yay! and Boo!

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Boo!– Our medical deductible is like $1300 for our family this year, it was $500 last year.
Yay!– I just got a letter saying some $900 in tests that my doctor ordered in February and were denied were approved after I appealed it with a doctor’s letter and then a review of medical records! Now we just have to pay 20% of whatever they say, but $180 is a lot nicer than $900.
Boo!– I have a $380 ticket to pay from my accident.
Yay!– The lawyer got them to drop it to a parking citation and thus I have no points.
Yay!– I saved $900 by not switching Gieko. Even though I was in an accident our insurance agent was able to have our company give us a better deal and we will be saving $900 a year. Boo!– The $900 were saving this year was spent on my accident.

Yay!– We have family pictures this Saturday!
Boo!– I have no idea what we’re wearing.
Yay!– I’m getting my hair cut and styled the same day as pictures.
Boo!– Lilah has road rash from falling off the scooter Friday afternoon and I might have to reschedule if it’s not looking better by Friday.
Yay!– Even though Jon didn’t want me to, I bought him new jeans and he’s keeping them. They’re a size 30, and fit him, and his old jeans are a size 34. Now we just need more work pants for him so it doesn’t look like he’s wearing his father’s clothes when he wears the old pants.
Boo!– I haven’t been able to find jeans I like.

Yay!– Lilah’s outside playing and having fun.
Boo!– Eden got hurt and has been crying for 10 minutes now, and it’s hasn’t been “real” crying for the last 8, at least.
Yay!– Eden making herself cry is kinda amusing and making me laugh. I’m a mean mom.

Yay!– My side yard is still clean from Saturday despite the wind.
Boo!– My leg muscles are sore from all the squatting I did when I cleaned my side yard.