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Where has my sanity gone?

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

So right now we’re entering the crazy part of the play where all my sanity and reason goes our the door and I get overwhelmed and grumpy. Hopefully you’re not around when this happens, but my poor girls and friend Anna have been and it wasn’t pretty.

It’s one of those things I love and hate about the play.

I love creating the costumes and doing more than just being in it.

I hate the stress that can comes with creating costumes and doing more than just being in the.

I had to apologize to three people I love, because of the grumpiness. I was happy that I realized I needed to apologize in a rational amount of time, rather than ignoring my rudeness or forgetting how ugly I was to the girls.

The funny thing is, my brain was what was making it hard. With my lack of sleep and trying to do so much, I blew things out of proportion and in the end everything was fine and dandy.

Jon says I’m doing too much, but then I think of how much other people are doing, and I’m really just trying to lift that burden. The craziness also only last for a little while, until I realize things aren’t as bad as I thought, or I get my reasoning back.

Anyways, costumes are getting on their way, rehearsals are becoming more frequent and I’ve realized I have to actually sing my little solo. I was hoping I might be able to just speak it since the notes are hard to hear.

Anyone have an in tune piano and want to plunk out my solo? I have a feeling it might be the next thing to drive me insane.