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Long Shot

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

For my girls road trip to Utah I treated myself to a new CD to occupy my time. I love Kelly Clarkson, so I bought her new one, All I Ever Wanted.

I love it and Eden is now, “Are you listening to your new CD.” It’s more a statement than a question and she rolls her eyes and sighs a little whenever she says it and hears me playing it.

One song reminds me of Jon and me and it resonates with our relationship when Jon first left the church. It starts off a little strange, and there is one line I don’t like that you hear over and over again, (You’re the best I got.) but overall I really love it and love to jam out to it while I’m washing dishes.

There is no official music video for it, but I’ve linked one that has the words as you listen to it.

I love you Babe.