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Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

It’s February.

I love February.

Reasons why I love February:
My wedding anniversary is in February.
Valentine’s Day is in February.
Auditions for the play are in February.

That’s pretty much it.

I am so excited to be married to Jon for nine years later this month. I really love being married to him. He’s so supportive and loving. He’s a wonderful provider and a hard worker. He also knows how to have fun, and makes sure to spend time with the girls and me. Rarely are our weekends spent at home, because he’s always wanting to go do things and enjoy family time.

While I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person, apparently my girls are. They’ve made bags for us to put valentines in and have been hard at work filling them. Lilah keeps asking if I’ve made some for them yet, and she also keeps hinting that Girl Scout cookies would make great valentines. I really love her excitement.

Auditions for the play are coming up and I’m super excited and nervous. I know I’ll be in the play, it’s a matter of what part. I’m putting myself out there, like really out there, and I’m so nervous, but I figure I can’t succeed if I don’t try. My voice lessons are going wonderfully, I just now need to perform in front of people, so I can work on my nerves. Last week my voice teacher pulled in her husband, who is a high school choir teacher, and I was so shaky, and I sang a little too fast and I wasn’t aware of my movements as much as I should be, but overall I didn’t do as bad as I thought I would. Now to find some unsuspecting people and sing their ears off.