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Stellar mom moments

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

I know we all have stellar mom moments. Now this could mean you have your wonderful “I’m being an awesome mom” moments, or this could mean you’re having “the worst mother on the planet and you’re kids wished they hadn’t been born” moments.

Fortunately, I’ve been both in the past 48 hours.

Yesterday I took the girls up to play in the snow at Mt. Charleston. A friend posted she was going up and anyone was welcomed to join her family at the cabin. I thought it would be fun to play in the freshly fallen snow and of course, playing in the snow is only acceptable if you have shelter to hide in while you’re kids are outside freezing their butts off. So I took the girls, played with them a little, but for the most part let them play outside with their friends and one another. It made them happy, and it made me happy. (We borrowed some snow clothes so they were well equipped.)

Today I decided we should clean our house and by clean I mean finally have the girls clean their toys up and put them away in their proper places, rather than running out of time and shoving them to the side of their room, or letting things pile up in front of the toy shelf. I also made them fold their clothes. Yeah, they weren’t liking me. Then to top it off I made them pick up the trash outside our front drive, with my help. Oh, the inhumanity! I washed dishes, put away the stuff we took up to the cabin, washed clothes, vacuumed, cleaned off the table and counters, and swept the floors while they cleaned their stuff.

I apparently make them do everything, and do nothing myself.

A stellar mom, that’s what I am.