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April Highlights

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012


Being excited when I told you I bought some spinach.

Playing school with your chalk board place mats. You were the teacher teaching Eden.

Liking that babies like you.

Wanting to wear your Easter dress two weeks in a row.

When I told you we would not be able to go to Death Valley you asked if you could go play with Andrea. (Andrea was in town with Zarina and Poppy.)

Complaining about not eating the morning I tried to get your blood taken. It was a fasting blood sample. It was 8 am, and you regularly do not eat till 9 am. The exception being Sunday and Monday.

Bugs. You love them and want to keep some in our house.

Wanting the huge bear at the church auction. We were able to get it, and you were so excited.

Sadly, Sleepy was injured this month. You’ve tried to take extra good care of him. When folding clothes you told Eden to be extra quiet when putting them away so she wouldn’t wake him.


Setting aside candy to give to the Easter Bunny, even though you knew the Easter Bunny would not be bringing you candy.

Adding cookie to your breakfast oatmeal.

Not wanting to eat certain food because of your two loose front teeth.

Being excited for your grammar workbook.

My Little Ponies. You love them, or going in a cycle of playing with them again. Mostly because My Little Ponies can now be found on Netflix to watch.

Recognizing the song Funky Town on the radio before me. Just Dance Kids apparently has as one of their songs.

You haven’t participated in Lego Club a lot. At first you kinda did, but as the weeks progressed, you haven’t. You did help glue the pictures for the display board and you’re excited to be getting your own shirt.

Sleeping on the huge bear we won at the church auction. You and Lilah take turns sleeping with “Sparkles” .


Hiding the hard boiled eggs for the girls before we got home from church. Stepping up the hiding places and making them harder since the girls are older.

Watching My Little Ponies with the girls.

Working hard on maintaining your weight.