It’s not very nice

I was at my parents Monday. Eden had a doctor’s appointment. (9 months weighed 17 lbs 6 oz., height 27 3/4 inches). After the appointment I went to my parents so they could watch the girls while I watched some lectures. Lilah went out front with my dad because he was doing some stuff outside. When he was finished he came inside and asked if Lilah had come inside. I said no, so he went to look for her outside. I came out with him, since he didn’t know where she was. We called her name but no Lilah. He had just closed the garage so he thought she might have been in there. We opened it up to find Lilah coming from behind my mom’s car. Grandpa had called out for her before he shut the door, but she hadn’t answered, or hadn’t answered loud enough. She got two big hugs from us once we found her. Mom and I teased Dad about locking his granddaughter in the garage, but Lilah was the funniest. Whenever we teased him, she kept reminding that grandpa locked her in the garage. “We don’t lock people in the garage. It’s not very nice.” I think that made him feel the worst. She was okay, possible a little scared, but she didn’t cry over the experience which tells me she wasn’t too scared.
She does repeat that’s/ it’s not very nice with certain situations. Eden climbing on her or me jokingly bonking her on the head with a piece of laundry. It puts you in your place.

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