7 am

okay, okay…. I know I’ve been spoiled for the past 2 3/4 years. Lilah was a wonderful baby and toddler. She let me sleep in until 8 usually, sometimes 9 on a regular basis. Eden was also good. Once she started sleeping through the night…around two months of age…. I was able to sleep until 7 or 7:30, feed her, and usually she would go back to sleep, allowing me to sleep until 8-9…. when Lilah would get up, or once Sesame street would get over. Now both my girls are on a schedule of waking up around 7:15-7:30, today it was 6:55 for Lilah. Part of me knows that if only I took advantage of this I could get so much done in the day.(The past few days I’ve felt like it’s noon, but it only 10.) Also Lilah goes down earlier and takes longer naps. Like she’s asleep right now. Eden well she’s another story….I’m just glad that Lilah can sleep with the noise Eden makes. Eventually standing and playing in the crib gets old, she sits and goes to sleep, or I continue to go in lay her down, so she has that opportunity to go to sleep. It’s a battle every time now that she stands ans plays. I should get more dishes done with my earlier mornings but I find myself playing with the girls or sometimes studying. I’ve watered our gardens in the cooler mornings and I’m usually ready for a nap when Cailou comes on at 11. I guess I’m getting a schedule change. I actually feel pretty awake…. well see after reading my history book…considering Jon and I were up talking until 1:30 am last night.
It’s great to be in a relationship where we both trust each other so much, and have faith in one another. We both have our problems, but I like that we don’t become codependent and controlling of the other. I try not to anyways and he does also. It’s a marriage, but people also have individual trials. Most affect marriages of they become out of control, but many day to day trials are just that. Trials that are to be conquered that day, in that moment, and forgotten.

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