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July Highlights

Thursday, August 1st, 2013
Getting caught in a flash flood. Mostly because the rail road rails malfunctioned and came down when they shouldn’t have. We had to camp at a friends house till the rain stopped. A tree of theirs had fallen right before we got there.

Getting sick on the 4th of July, so you had to stay home from the family reunion. 🙁

Getting glasses. You kept saying, I can’t see it, now I can. I can’t see, now I can. I remember being amazed when I got my first pair.

You helped to patch some of the drywall in Dad’s library. Now you ask to patch it at least one-three times a week.
Nearly passing out when you had to get blood drawn. You had to fast for it. (Though you say you were fine, and not going to pass out.)
The same day you had to have the purple bump removed from your hand and were very nervous and shaky.
Then we had to go back and get more blood drawn due to them not freezing some of the blood. It was a piece of cake the second time, due to the traumatic experience of the bump removal, and not needing to fast.


Being an only child on the trip with Carolyn and your mom. You played the DS nearly the entire time, whenever we were at the hotel, and a lot in the car.

Being the only cousin for our family at the reunion, you weren’t sure how to handle Zarina’s enthusiasm.
Getting lost at the Children’s Museum with Britta. You thought I said second floor, when I said to meet me and Sam on the third floor. I went looking for you two and found you right as you had started to ask workers for help.
Turning 8! I can’t believe you’re getting so big.
I learned you do not like cantaloupe at all, and you only kinda like watermelon.
Buying a bike.
Riding your bike to work.

June Highlights

Monday, July 1st, 2013


Loving the shopping spree you went on for Girl Scouts. You totally want to shop at “Justice” now. Not sure I’m loving your new name brand desire.

We were watching a car commercial and they mentioned it was for a 2014 model. You said, “Don’t they know it’s 2013,” in a very matter of fact/ “duh” tone. We don’t watch many commercials in this house.

You connected right away with your second cousin Bryn. You hardly noticed me all day on Saturday.

Loving girl scout camp. You did not put any sunscreen on, so you had a red nose and cheeks, and very messy hair.

My very affectionate child.

Rosie’s magic pool. You did awesome at swimming lessons this year.


You decided to not go on the Girl Scout shopping spree. You’re not in the troop officially, and so you can decide what to spend your money on since we transfer it in. You wanted to buy toys, and not clothes, but it was a specific budgeting activity. I think you were a little jealous after it was all said and done, and have said you enjoy clothes shopping for yourself.

You were sad we would be staying with family, and not a hotel, but once meeting the family, you said it was all worth it, and that it was the best kind of vacation.

“It’s great staying with family, you don’t have to pay for the go-gurt you eat.”

You were telling scary stories to Zarina, the first couple were fine, but in the third one you made her sister a werewolf. She got super scared, and slept with Andrea that night.

Turning 10!

You loved girl scout camp, and took about 200 pictures, mostly of trees.

While combing your hair you fell down our stairs. It was scary to see your legs, then your terrified face as you tumbled down. You were not hurt, and we laughed about it later that day.


Big choices. You are very supportive of me and my desires, even if I change my mind  often.

You stayed at the hiking spot while I took Andrea and three girls back to the house.

Taking care of your parents. I’m relieved your the one taking them to their doctor’s, and not me.


“I never had to break into my house before, that’s silly.” When we had to put her through the open window, because Andrea had locked her keys in her trunk.

May Highlights

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013
You regularly eat breakfast close to 8:30 or 9 am, no matter what time you wake up. Of course the morning we have to wake you up and get out of the house at 7:15, you’re starving and won’t be able to wait till  8 to eat, once we’re back. I made you wait.
Being excited for the “courtesy shuttle” to get our car. It was in for a recall and the dealership will pick or drop you off. You had never ridden in a minivan before.

Passing off book one for Suzuki 0n your cello. You went through the book in less than one year. Way to go!

Making confetti to throw on Daddy for his arrival home on his birthday. You had to sweep it up, and we had to agree on a place that was easily cleanable.

Calling Origami,  A-rig-ah-me. You were taught at Achievement Days.
Eating and enjoying craw-fish.
Catching a grasshopper and making him your pet.
Auditioning for a youth orchestra and being OK when you didn’t make it. I think you felt somewhat relieved. It was  good experience, and next year you’ll be even more prepared.
Being disappointed  you couldn’t come to my 30th birthday party. It was just for grown-up women.


For some reason you started doing a mindless thing, which is having some negative affects. I’m hoping we can stop this bad habit you’ve created. (It stopped after discussing the consequences and threatening to cut off your hair.)

Avoiding craw-fish.
Reading the Harry Potter books as fast as we get them.
Deciding to watch Return of the King, when you couldn’t find  the book to read.
Telling me you’ll be too big to cuddle and sit on my lap once you’re eight.  (I doubt you’ll stop though.)
The closing of Cool Valley! Fortunately that short sale went much quicker than the one we purchased. So happy to close that chapter of our life, though a little sad.

April Highlights

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Being excited to go to Legoland with the girl scout troop. You’re so oblivious to time and dates though.
You: “We leave on Tuesday right?”
Me:” No you leave on Friday.”
You were wondering why you couldn’t leave in the middle of the week.

I was needing to finish some a forms for your Legoland trip, and decided to use rush hour traffic to my advantage.
Me: Girls tell me when the light turns green.
Them: It’s green!
Eden: Good thing you have kids. We are good for something.
Lilah: If she didn’t have kids she wouldn’t need to fill out paperwork.

You would not want your mom to go on the next girl scout trip.

You left a note for us to find while you were on your Legoland trip. It mentioned what you were doing  and looking at that very moment, and it reminded us to to “NOT sit on the couch naked.”

We had to restart a cross-stitch you began in achievement days. You did not believe me when I said you needed two threads, and not just one, because you’re leader had you start with one. Once started correctly, we worked well together. I bossed you around, and you had to listen.

You enjoyed pointing the needle so it would annoy my eyes.

You are advancing in cello so wonderfully. I need to compliment you, as well as give constructive criticism. I feel like all you want are compliments though.


You switched my frosted mini wheats with the regular mini wheats for April Fools. (Switching cereal seems to be the thing to do here.) I ate Life cereal instead.

You accidentally left the portion of money you were in charge of at the hotel, in your regular backpack. You were fine, and didn’t worry at all. (Autumn had the other half of your money for you.) Autumn thought you were the ideal girl to have “lost” her money because most of the others would have been a little more difficult.

You volunteered to have your mom go on the next girl scout trip.

You have been extra  cuddly lately. Like 3-6 times a day you stand next to me wanting to cuddle. You said you got your desire to cuddle from me, since I cuddled with my mom a lot. Many a times I have to give you a hug for a little bit, then send you off, because you’re a little too cuddly for me.

You leave messes all around you after you do something, like eat graham crackers, or open all the gum you just bought. I think you somewhat get this from me. It drives me bonkers.


Making me change my flat tire, so I would know what to do if I was unable to call you or AAA. It made me really wish I had just called AAA. I still needed your help, so chances are I’d be in trouble anyways.

Pointing out there was a national sport championship going on, but we’re so not into sports we didn’t watch, or know anything about it.

Enjoying a “Call the Midwife” marathon with me the Sunday the girls were due back form Legoland. I wasn’t feeling well. We watched all six episodes of the first season, saw the first episode of the second season on-line, and caught the third episode of season two on TV. I feel a little ashamed that we watched so much in one day, but I wasn’t feeling well.

Shaving your beard.  I’m torn because I think it makes you look even more handsome, but I can’t stand to kiss you when you have one.

Buying a hammer for Eden, Lilah already had one, and safety glasses for both to practice hammering nails. They’re going to help build the club house.


March Highlights

Sunday, March 31st, 2013
Thinking you should have your own comedy show to record all the interesting things you say.

I had just ended a long lecture about life not being fair to the girls, then I called perdiddle. In our family that means that person gets a kiss.
Eden: I’ll give you a kiss.
Lilah made some slurping sound.
Me: Lilah are you eating your boogers?
Lilah: No, I just gave you an air kiss.
Eden: That’s not fair, I get to give Mommy her kiss.
Lilah: Life’s not fair.

Not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day and getting pinched repeatedly by a girl on your church class. It was rough.

Packing some treats for our walk around the temple while Eden had speech.

Doing the dishes. Love, love, love.

A friend was being dropped off and the mom complimented us on our nice house and said how it smelled clean. You told her it’s not always this way. I think over all we are able to keep the place clean, but we did do a big cleaning to get ready for your friends.

You started a load of laundry, but it wasn’t till it was complete that we realized no detergent had been added.

I noticed you were not participating in PE, so we borrowed a basketball from the teacher to let you practice dribbling at home. You practiced everyday, as soon as you woke up. It helped and you did get better. I noticed you still sitting out during class, so I made you participate, just in time for a game of Horse. We need to now practice shooting the ball, which one of the teachers did help you with a little at the end of class.

You did not get pinched, even though you wore no green on St. Patrick’s Day.

Telling me you’re about the height of a hobbit.

Losing your new Sunday shoe into the neighbors pool at Granpa Harvey’s house while playing power rangers. They weren’t home, so we’re hoping it holds up and isn’t ruined.
Trying to figure out the bug and pest situation. You don’t want pesticides, but I do. Finding cockroaches, black widows,  and scorpions in the house is not fun.

Hauling the exercise bike upstairs while I went shopping. You told the girls to call 911 if you became unconscious.

I told you how I found a wolf spider in the living room that I released outside, because it was mostly friendly. You asked me if I was sure it wasn’t a fiddle back, or brown recluse.
I looked up brown recluse, and yeah, that’s what it was. Dangit.

Killing a huge black widow that was living in an irrigation box with lots of cockroaches.
Eating lots of sugar on Easter. You’ve decided to not eat white flour and processed sugars, except for holidays. You’re not very good at moderation. It’s all or nothing.
I started playing Words With Friends with a stranger, and she was really good, so I decided to cheat. We ended our first game, and she invited me to a second. Not wanting to be rude I accepted. Around the second word she complimented me on my playing. I couldn’t lie, and told her I had been cheating, but was learning about the game. She decided she liked the challenge, and wanted to continue playing. (I told her I’d understand if she wanted to stop playing.)

February Highlights

Thursday, February 28th, 2013


We walked by a gazebo at Costco. You said, “We should get this so I can be kissy, kissy with my boyfriend.” You told me you got this idea from the movies. Hmmmm.

You made a scavenger hunt for us to find our Valentine’s. You really love Valentine’s Day.

Being excited that in two years you get to stay home by yourself, because you’ll be twelve. Telling me that Eden will have to still wait till she’s twelve to stay home because, “It’s not fair that she’ll get to stay home sooner than me because I’m older.” Too bad kid. You’re gonna be babysitting your sister. You’ll also get to drive, date, and move out sooner.

Being excited to make new friends in our ward. Calling Britta your “gold friend”, and your new friends “silver.” Telling me they may become gold someday. (Make new friends by keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.)

We had a talk about food etiquette at dinner one night. Not only about not making a mess, or putting too much food in your mouth, but how to hold your fork, and the polite way to cut food. You now hold your fork a more correct way. We’re still working on not making a mess.


You got a stiff neck from camping out on your floor. We had co-op that day, so you stayed with me during History, and PE, felt well enough to go to duct-tape, but stayed with me during Nature, since they hike around.

Running from picture to picture for Lilah’s scavenger hunt. You had lots of fun finding all the clues.

Adding cuddles to your list of things “to do.” I joked you only had it on there once, so you added it a lot more times.

You like to go outside and just run from side to side of the yard. What I find even funnier is you’ll come home, take off your shoes, put on sandals and, then go outside and run from side to side.

While you’re still my baby, I’m trying to have you use me less as a chair when we go out. You don’t particularly like this all the time, and give me your play mad face. I still let you cuddle, but you can’t always sit on my lap when you want to. (I still let you sit on my lap, just not every time.)


You took Lilah to see Itzhak Perlman. You had classical music on for the car ride home, and Lilah said she was, “Classical music-ed out”, so you then put on Classic Rock.

Trying to get us organized and to keep an orderly house. Maybe I should change that to “encouraging us.”

Getting me a smartphone for our anniversary. Telling me if it works out, you may get one.

We took the girls to our anniversary dinner this year. Mostly, because we’ve had a lot of dates, and didn’t want to burden our free babysitters, but it was fun to celebrate as a family, and the girls loved getting cheesecake.

Continuing to buy me lavender roses for our anniversary. I love getting them, and this years roses were lovely.


January Highlights

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

You make believe to The Hobbit story line.

Being happy to give our old mail woman a hug.  I was sad to see her for one, last time.

Going to the dump with Daddy and Grandpa. You both enjoyed seeing the big pit and telling me it smelled like trash.

Being so excited to sleep on the top bunk.

Wanting to take a picture of the Canadian geese we were seeing fly over our house. “We don’t see those every day.” I found out later it was for National Geographic, and wanting to win a photo contest and go to Hawaii.

Eden: Mom, I agree with Daddy, we need more books.
Me: We can always go to a library.
Eden: We should buy at least two more books.

I can tell when you put the dishes away because there is a pattern to them.

I told Lilah that’s the cutest grumpy face ever, then you looked over at me with your grumpy face. I said,  “No, that’s the cutest grumpy face ever,” and you were pleased as pie.

Forgetting the bottom bunk is now yours.

Not wanting to unpack.

Using the phone to call me from your room to mine. You could have walked and talked to me. They’re suppose to be used for communicating from downstairs to up, or vis versa.

Showing me the fashion show walk, and wiggling your shoulders as you walked.

Being nervous and wanting to talk about auditioning for a youth orchestra. We’ll see if you’re ready come May.

Eating breakfast with a serving spoon because we were out of regular spoons.

Trying to entice me to spend the night at the new house, before the big move,  by having the internet turned off at the hold house then turned on at the new house a couple days before. I think you just wanted a big camp-out for some reason.

Being organized for the move. Everyone loved our color coded boxes, and most things got put where they needed to be. Why we found the spices in the master bathroom,  under the sink, I’m not sure.

Enjoying your short commute to work.

Being my “Mr. Fly Lady,” and cleaning house.

I told you I wasn’t a plant person. It was a revelation to me, but you told me you already knew that. I like flowers, I just don’t like plants. They’re suppose to live, but they always die.

Thinking about getting me a smart phone as an anniversary present. Debating which one we should get.

“We have a coat closet. We can use it for coats!” Then Jon brought his old mission coat down to put in it, and I wasn’t happy. It’s suppose to be for current coats, not old coats.

December Highlights

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013


Antiperspirant shopping. Deodorant did not work for you, so we gave up on it and have been using daily showers and apple cider vinegar to help with underarm smell. It helped, but if you sweat, you smell. We were avoiding antiperspirant because of the aluminum, but it became inevitable and seems to be helping. You’re going through this a little earlier, and stronger, than other girls, but I hope we’re able to find solutions to help so you can feel comfortable. You had fun choosing a scent.

Performing with the orchestra for your first time. You were squished on stage, but did well. The cello is so big compared to my little, but big, Lilah.

Saying we’ll need to get some good Christmas lights for next year because our new neighborhood has some nice light displays.

After watching a two year old all morning so I could paint with the assistance of a friend: “I am not ready to be a mother. It’s a hard job chasing a little kid around for three or eight hours a day. Maybe in nine years I’ll be ready to have a kid.” I asked that you wait longer than nine years.

Telling me you can be as bad as you want from December 26 till the new year because it’s after Christmas, but it counts for this year.

Painting your room. You were finally happy to be at the house, at least for that small period of time.

I’ve decided your new nickname should be “Grumpy Bum”

Letting everyone else play the Nintendo 3DS on Christmas day, you were very thoughtful and kind.

You screamed when a small spider was crawling on you while we were packing, which caused me to scream.


Performing with only one other recorder student again. You did wonderfully.

Enjoying all my quick fixing meals that I don’t buy because they contain MSG and white flour. You tried to tell me we should eat them like once a week, that’s eating them in moderation.

Not doing your school work while at the house because you were just too distracted by entertaining yourself.

You tell me you love me more than I love you. I don’t think so.

The first thing out of your mouth after you opened the Nintendo 3DS, “Britta is going to be so jealous.”

Being my cuddle bug.

I was sending Lilah to bed early, because she has been complaining about not getting enough sleep. I was going to send you to bed at the same time, to be fair, but then you argued that you get up early on your own, or do not complain, so you should be able to stay up to the normal bedtime. I agreed.


Once we officially closed on our second home, you were like, “What the crap are we doing?” other quotes of the night. “We now have a vacation home on the North East side of town. I’d rather it be in the woods.”

Making me laugh late at night, then when I tell you it’s easy to make me laugh late at night, you tell me you’re actually funny and I’m really a hard audience.

Dealing with my mental breakdown with the water not being turned on and then the valve being broken.

Playing the Lord of the Rings Lego game on the girls’ gift.

Meeting our new neighbors and getting to know them before me. Telling me it must be your beard that makes you more approachable.

Not feeling your best over the break, but still working hard on the house.

November Highlights

Friday, November 30th, 2012

You’re both enjoying the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was not thrilled to let you watch such violence, you haven’t even seen more than one Harry Potter film. You are both loving it and are way excited to see The Hobbit in December.

The day Sleepy died you both talked about how creepy it would be if you heard gnawing on the bars or the wheel turning. I think you freaked yourselves out because you decided to sleep together in Eden’s bed.


Unloading the dishwasher with no help from a parent. You used the step-stool to put things in the cupboard. I’m feeling that you have a new job.

Life is really hard when you’re getting older. Drama is very prevalent in our lives nowadays.

We found Sleepy passed away on the morning of Friday, November 16. He was around 2 years old. We got him just a week before Thanksgiving in 2010. You were pretty sad on Thursday, when it was pretty apparent he would die soon.

Deciding to freeze Sleepy so we can bury him in our new house’s yard. (Yes, I have a dead hamster in my freezer. He’s in box in a ziploc bag. )

You made a sandwich and could not find the twist-tie for the lunch meat. You found it when you ate your sandwich.

Getting upset and wanting to be alone. I think you’re wanting your own space, but know you’re going to continue to share a room.

Loving Faith Hill’s Christmas CD. You said you like the “original” Christmas music. (You meant traditional.) You and Eden love making up dances to go with each song.


Being the only girl in your book-club class. The teachers always worry, but you never seem to mind. (Last term you were the only girl in recorder.)

“Pleease”, you like to say it in an, “I’m so cute, but I’m still whining” kind of way. It’s grating on your mother’s nerves, and I’m trying to have you just say please like a normal person.

Asking if you could pick out the color of carpet for your room. You wanted a lilac color, and while it’s pretty, it’s not gonna happen. I told you it had to be neutral and you said, “Maybe light blue. That’s pretty neutral.”

Losing your seventh tooth. You put the tooth on the fair side of the bed and I suggested you should put it closer to the edge. You replied that the Tooth Fairy would just fly over you.

Doing the “I’m watching you” hand movement to your daddy and me. You were watching to see who was picking on Lilah and spanking her while she played Wii fit. Your daddy started it.


Telling a group of adults that it wasn’t polite to have one person hold the place for three families and arguing with them in line when they got defensive and argued that it was fine.

The cockroaches. Oh, the cockroaches. You disturbed their home in the compost in preparation of moving. We then got cockroaches in the house. I sprayed by the back door and we got a cockroach graveyard.


Jonathan: Yeah, but websites apparently don’t sell driers. I looked.
me: Really?
Jonathan: Unless it’s called something other than a drier.
me: Dryer.
Jonathan: Ah!

I mix up left and right, you apparently mix up yellow and blue. As in you say blue when you mean yellow and vise versa.

Being proud that I said no to making rolls, but would buy them, so I would be less stressed. I said yes to making pies though….

Helping me write the ice breakers for my talk. Suggesting that I could make it memorable by singing the whole thing.

Packing books. It’s good that you have nearly half the books packed, it’s just bad that most of them are in the middle of my living room floor and will have no where to go until at least the middle of the December.

We saw Shelly Berkley at our polling place. I mentioned I wanted to shake her hand so I could see her up close. Jon didn’t think that was very nice.

Going crazy over house stuff. I’m a little stressed to say the least.(We’re closing in December now and that’s going to affect our move date. Banks.)

October Highlights

Thursday, November 1st, 2012


Your journal. You’re writing super creative stories. I love reading them each day we have school.

Petco where the Pets go. It sounds like it’s where they go to the bathroom.”

While making your costume we sometimes had a hard time agreeing on how it should look. You thanked me several times for my hard work, usually shortly after we disagreed.

You’ve become quite the cuddle bug this month. You’ve also started to tickle me less, because you want me to tickle you more.

Being so excited for Halloween.

Being frustrated at first with orchestra. You’ve learned the music so it’s more enjoyable now.

Practicing every day for your 100 days of practice. It’s something new for us so we’ve had some close calls at missing, but overall you’ve done really well. You’re excelling at cello.


Looking so serious during Hocus Pocus. You like the silly witch Sarah the best and even talked about dressing up as her next year for Halloween.

Being scared during Watcher in the Woods. You’d cover your eyes, but you still wanted to finish the movie.

While watching Matilda for Sam, Matilda fell and hit her head. She had to get two stitches. You felt really bad about it, and didn’t want to talk about it. Everyone was worried about Matilda, but more concerned about how you felt, since you were the one “in charge” of her at the time.

Pulling your own tooth! Daddy wouldn’t let me pull your tooth, he said you should. It didn’t work the first night you tried, but came out with just two pulls the second night.

Loving your ruby slippers. You are definitely a shoe person.

Eating lots of candy after we started attending parties. Usually it’s Lilah I have to watch out for, this time it was you.


“Where are my glasses?” I went to pick what I thought they were up off the bed, but I swiped the side that was open and missed.
“No, that’s not them .”
Jon: “Those are your glasses and this just shows how blind you are.”
In my defense, my glasses are lightly colored on the inside of the ear pieces and it kinda looked like they were just creases on the bed.

Carolyn told me Jon’s nick name shows up in her e-mails. So she has to look up “Hunny Bunny” when sending e-mails to Jon. I’ve changed it to his birth name so people don’t get the wrong idea.

Getting information on our house! Still crazy.


Being the keeper of all our financial information. You’re doing a great job budgeting and making money for us.

We’ve been watching lots of classic shows from our youth on Netflix. You mentioned how old everyone looked when you were a kid, but how young they look now.

Staying home and handing out candy on Halloween.