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Potty training

Friday, September 30th, 2005

So we’re thinking of beginning potty training soon, but of course we have no real idea, so we’ll be researching it.

The first task should be to get Lilah in a toddler bed though. We have the bed railing now, I don’t know if I mentioned that when we wanted to put it up, the railing was still at Nancy’s house, my OB who gave us the crib/toddler bed. Anyways, maybe well get it up this weekend between the General Conference. Lilah is interested in going to the bathroom, and their are times that she lets me know she has a poopy diaper before she has pooped, but it’s not consistent and she isn’t consistently waking up from nap time or bedtime with a dry diaper, sometimes, but not always, which my mom has said is a sign that they’re ready to use the bathroom regularly on their own.

She’s a cutie pie and she’s so funny when she takes care of Eden. I can’t wait till Eden can do things with her. We’ll see if Lilah likes Eden once she stars messing things up and moving around. Right now Lilah will lie next to Eden and Eden might hit her in the face, or kick or in the nose, Lilah likes feet, and she’s perfectly okay with it, but once sister starts doing it on purpose I’m sure the game will change. Eden is also such a happy baby lately except when she has gas or bubbles. Lately she always has something going on at nighttime, but she loves to smile and talk. Of course this has only recently developed. She was smiling a little by the time we took the pictures, but she smiles so much more now, it’s just exciting to see her grow.

Anywho, would anyone like to volunteer to be me next week? I’ve realized that I also have a lot to do to prepare for my CRJ class quiz that’s due Sunday right at the same time of the other two test. This class I’m staying on top of because each week we have a quiz or assignment due, but next week we just happen to have a larger work load than normal. It always seems that when it rain it pours. I just have to remember to hang on and do my work and I know I can succeed if I try, and if my kids behave while I’m studying.

Multiple personalities

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

I’ve decided Lilah has two personalities. Anytime you give her two choices she wants one then the other, then goes back to the first. Like last night we gave her the choice of wearing a blue onesie to bed or a white onesie. First she wanted the blue and then she wanted the white and then the blue…it drives me nuts. Then today she wanted to rock in the chair, then she wanted on the bed. If you give her choices she chooses one and then when you go to give it to her she wants the other. ARGH! Are all two year olds like this? I admit my patience wears thin when she does this because it usually leads to her whining, or crying and me ignoring her. We try to not give into the crying for what she wants or whining, but it can also be difficult to get her to calm down and tell you what she wants in a nice voice because she usually changes her mind if their are two choices and the process starts all over again.

Other than a indecisive two year old, I’m studying hard for tests and trying to make time for lectures. I have two tests next week,. in which I have four one hour lectures and about 300 pages to read for one class, and the other I have a chapter to read in the text and three 20 minute lectures. The second one I could skip if I wanted to. In that class, my History of Psychology, there are six test, and only two from the first three go towards the grade and two form the second three, so I am studying more for my first class, my Anthropology class, because it’s one of two tests. It just seems I got behind in the first couple of weeks and now I’m just reading or studying all the time. Of course at night I like to rest, but I should do more studying. (I know Jon.)

Jon’s a good support and if I mention that I need to watch a lecture he tries to make sure that I do. Life is good, but busy. I look forward to General Conference this weekend, because then I get to sit and relax with my family, though we’ll see how well Lilah does watching people speak for two hours at a time twice a day. She likes musicals or cartoons, not people talking. I should get to reading and work.

American Heart Association Heartwalk

Monday, September 26th, 2005

My sister Andrea will be participating an in American Heart Association Heartwalk and is trying to raise money for the donation if anyone wants to donate you can visit her site and donate some money. It’s a minimum of $25 online, but if you make a comment or contact me I can give you her personal information to donate a smaller amount directly to her.
Here’s the email she sent me about it.

Any support you can give is appreciation!!! The Heartwalk is scheduled for
Saturday, Oct. 15th, at UNLV’s campus.

My goal is to raise $150.00!!

Hello Everyone,

Everyone knows someone affected by heart disease or stroke. For those I
love, I will be walking in this year’s Heart Walk. I have set a personal
goal to raise funds for the American Heart Association and need your help to
reach my donation goal. We are raising critical dollars for heart disease
and stroke research and education.

You can help me reach my goal by making a donation online. Click on the
link below and you will be taken to my personal donation page where you can
make a secure online credit card donation. The American Heart Association’s
online fundraising website has a minimum donation amount of $25.00. If you
prefer to donate less, you can do so by sending a check directly to me,
every few dollars counts! (My contact information is at the bottom).

Your donation will help fight our nation’Â’s No. 1 and No. 3 killers —heart
disease and stroke. You are making a difference. Thank you for your

Login to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support AHA
– WSA – Las Vegas, NV

Andrea’s Heartwalk Donation Page


Friday, September 23rd, 2005

So I’ve completed two test for the semester so far, only twelve more to go.

I did well on one, I received a 92%, and the other one from last night I got an 80%. Not so great, but hey I have three more tests to take in that class to raise the grade and other assignments.

Yesterday was a hard day. I was already tired from Wednesday. I was up early because the plumber was suppose to come by, but was sick and then I studied and took my first test. But yesterday Lilah woke up early and Eden hadn’t slept through he night, so I was woken up at 2:30 then 6 am (but she did sleep through the night last night!). The plumber showed up around 10:00 am, when she should have been here at 8:30, and Eden decided yesterday that she would be up every two hours eating and stay was awake for an hour before she went to bed between the feedings, and I just didn’t get any rest between the two girls and trying to study. Eden usually nurses every three hours during the morning and the afternoon and then for the last two or three feedings are two hours apart. I just don’t have the energy to nurse every two hours when I’m tired. I have a friend who has a little boy just a month older, exactly, and he nurses every hour or so and then only goes 4-5 hours at night. I would be beat, which I’m sure she is very tired because she also has a three year old!! Anyways.

Now our sewer line is cleared out and the toilet flushes if you hold the handle down for about five seconds. It didn’t at flush at first, but with a few flushes it started to work. She says once it stops flushing again we will need a new toilet. I believe it’s covered in our home warranty that we bought, so well see once it needs replacing.

Sleep Beautiful Sleep!!

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

So for two consecutive nights Eden has slept for seven hours between her last nighttime feeding and the morning feed!! It seems that she goes to sleep around 9pm and then wants to eat again between 11pm and midnight, depending on when she last ate and then she sleeps until 6 or 7 am!! So we’ll see if this last, but I think she’s old enough that it will. I think Lilah was sleeping through the night, giving me 7-8 hours, around two months also. It may have been sooner if I didn’t wake her up to feed her because of being engorged. Nursing is much easier on your body the second time around, it’s like your breast are smarter, or they just have to remember what goes on rather then figure out what’s going on with the whole milk production and when to produce. Sorry for any guys reading this.


Monday, September 19th, 2005
So Saturday I was suppose to donate blood, but With Eden’s nursing schedule and needing to prepare a lesson I didn’t, but Jon went to United Blood Services instead. He has an appointment this Saturday, the 24th, but he likes to mix things up and not go at his appointed time. I’m sure they get a commission of some sort if you go in on the day of your appointment. So I’ll go the 24th instead. I also attended my sister Kristi’s first Pampered Chef Party. If anyone would like to plan a party or order anything, let me know and I’ll pass it on to her.;) It was good food and Eden was nice and grumpy, but once we got home she was happy. I think it was all the people and noise.

Sunday was the fun day though. Right after Jon went in to get Lilah that morning she started coughing and then vomited. He was able to get her to the trash can because he recognized the cough and liquid sound. So she stayed home with Daddy and drank lots of juice, which she loved, and had toast. We thought she might have been better in the afternoon, but after we got her up from her nap Jon noticed she had vomited during her nap sometime in the bed. She seems better now. She never seemed truly sick. She also ate a lot this morning for breakfast.

I gave a lesson yesterday in Relief Society, and it went well. Luckily Eden slept the whole time. Though the presidency, who was watching her, said they wouldn’t have minded if she had woken up, then they could have held her.  Jon and I haven’t been to this ward together, except twice, once the first Sunday right before we had Eden, and the second time was her blessing, though we left because I was sick. I’ve been attending the ward with Lilah, or yesterday with Eden, due to needing to teach and other things, so I think some people probably think I’m a single mom, or I have an inactive husband. If all goes well we can be a nice big family of four this Sunday and finally stay the whole time and attend church in our new ward.

Busy times

Friday, September 16th, 2005

So I have two tests coming up this Tuesday, plus I’m preparing a lesson for Sunday, and I’m trying to catch up on reading for my Anthropology course. Life is busy.

Wednesday was fun though. My friend Anna came over for lunch and we caught up a little plus she was able to meet Eden. Then we finally got family pictures taken that night. Wouldn’t you know the day I have to take a shower Eden decided to go through a growth spurt and eat every two hours and not sleep longer than thirty to forty five minutes between a feeding, so she was up the other forty five minutes being grumpy or needy or eating. They turned out cute and hopefully Jon will get the pictures up on our website once they e-mail then to him. JC Penny’s has this smile by wire where they e-mail the pictures to you so you can view them and use them on the computer. We probably wouldn’t get family pictures if Marie, my sister Carolyn’s friend that we’ve known forever, wasn’t a manager and didn’t give us huge discounts. Well, we’d wait for coupons probably. I love knowing people in certain businesses. Anyhow, we have also had our tree cut down in front of our house. Hopefully we don’t have too many caterpillars wandering in since Jon put a front door sweep on to help with the seal that is not there, in which we’ll have to replace or take up the whole bottom frame to the door to replace the seal.

We’ve had lots of caterpillars- I think we’ve found seven to be exact at different times wondering through the house. When Jon cut off some branches from the tree they lost a home and food so they started wondering into our house because we have no seal on the bottom part of the door jam, which creates about a 1/4 inch gap, just perfect for the caterpillars. Yeah it was fun. Jon stepped on one during the night once, and it was on the hard floor, so it was yucky. Having a home is so much fun, but their are so many things to think about.


Monday, September 12th, 2005

So I wanted to show you guys the before and after of my hair cut.


After- I really just like this picture.

But this one shows the hair better.

We visited our old ward yesterday to show everyone Eden, and people didn’t recognize me until I started talking to them. Some did but it took a few seconds usually. I admit I like the shock factor of everyone being surprised that I cut off so much hair.

Brien (Andrea’s boyfriend, Andrea is my older sister for those who don’t know) came to the BBQ and didn’t know who I was at first. Then at the blessing Shawn ( A good family friend, or adopted brother who has known me since I was like five. ) saw this woman walking in with a baby and said to his wife “Look at the cute baby.” and Judy was like “Honey, that’s Eden and Lacey.”

Mostly men are disappointed I cut off my hair, but Jon has decided that he decidedly likes my hair at all lengths. Good thing too because I plan on growing it out again and cutting it off again, and again.  Well, we’ll see how many times I do this, but I like donating it and I like growing it long.


Monday, September 12th, 2005

So Amber tagged me, so now I have to write five random thoughts about me. Lets so if I can think of five things.

1. I’m a huge procrastinator. Right now I should be reading one of my books for class, but what am I doing… writing a blog. I don’t know how I get good grades.

2. I hope to have all my children out of the house by the time I’m fifty so I can enjoy life and possibly have a career in psychology with counseling teenage girls. Of course my mother-in-law says you never know what Heavenly Father has in store for you. She was forty when she had Jon, then forty-two with Dara and not to mention they adopted Jason when she was about forty-five I believe, but he was already eighteen months. So if I’m suppose to have kids later in life I may not ever work, at least in the worldly since of outside the home. ( I also talk alot. Maybe that should be number 3.)

3. I love my calling in church. They’ve just called me to be a relief society instructor, and I love teaching relief society so I’m excited to have been called.

4. I wouldn’t mind having all girls. Of course when it comes time to the paying and planning for weddings I might have wished for some sons if we do have all girls like Amber and Steve. Also when the time to start dating comes around I might want some sons.

5. I name my children from the book of Genesis. Lilah is Hebrew for night, and Eden is just Hebrew for Eden, and both their names appear in the book of Genesis, at least in the Hebrew translation. Of course Jon thought of Eden when naming our girls and I thought of Lilah. Of course our third child will probably break this trend.

I now tag Anna. 🙂

New Bed

Friday, September 9th, 2005

So we’re trying to get Lilah to sleep in a new bed, but we only have the mattresses on the floor, because the bed only has rails at the head part, not the full length of the bed, and we don’t want her to fall out the first night. But having the mattresses on the floor is not enough for her to abandon her old bed. She likes to play on them and what not, but not sleep. The first night we tried it she laid down okay, but then came out about ten minutes later with a smile, like hey aren’t you guys glad to see me, then when I brought her back to bed she was distraught and only wanted her crib. We’re trying to do this before we want to put Eden in her old crib. She’s just having a hard time.
Anyways, Lilah is so cute with Eden. Lilah loves to put her hand on her leg, back, or head whenever Eden’s awake and she likes laying next to Eden on her blanket. It’s just that you can see she loves her sister and that’s why she’s always next to her. Then one night Eden was crying on the blanket while I was trying to get some dinner made and Lilah just sat there and “read” to her from her books. Anyways, I still can’t believe I’m a mom let a alone a mom to two girls.