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Cute Lilah

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

Lilah was so cute yesterday.

The first thing she did that made me smiled happened while I was feeding Eden. I was in the living room and I hear “Help, Mommy, help!” I told her I was nursing Eden and it would have to wait or she would have to bring it to me in order to help her. I thought she might have given up because it took a while, but then I hear Lilah dragging something down the hall. I see Lilah and then I see her dragging Eden’s carseat behind her. She was like “It’s heavy Mommy.” and was having some trouble steering. Lilah wanted me to buckle teddy in sense the buckle is a little hard for her. She was just so determined, and it was so cute.

The next cute thing was during family home evening. We were singing Teach Me to Walk in the Light and Lilah actually sang along with us! She usually only does the key words when we stop and let her say the word, or she’ll sing the song by herself. This was the first time she sang with us. It was soo cute.

Then after we had finished reading scriptures as a family she was looking through my scriptures and started saying “And it came to pass. ” Jon and I just laughed. (In the Book of Mormon a lot of scripture passages begin with ‘And it came to pass’, and we read the Book of Mormon as a family nightly, so it’s funny that she picked up on that, even though she’s only two.)

Lilah’s so cute and to see her grow makes me happy to be a mom.

Weekend Fun

Monday, October 24th, 2005

Jon put the toilet in this Saturday. It actually had a leak somewhere, but since he’s noticed the leak, it hasn’t leaked again. My dad said to put food coloring in the water to help see where it’s coming from, so now we need to buy that, but it may not leak again. Though maybe it only leaks when it flushes, or it could be the water intake, because he did turn that off. Anyways, it’s fun to see him working on the house and he likes the tools he gets to buy for working on the house. He had to by a level, so he can put the door on later. He’s a pretty good handy man considering he’s learning how to do most things around the house.

Sunday we had Family Home Evening at my parents and there was a lot of people there. It was fun though, the more the merrier right! Lilah had fun and my Dad made cobbler, in which I barely got some because I was feeding Eden and it was my idea to have cobbler! Anyways it was good. Eden was passed around like crazy, she’s a pretty good baby  and had lots of smiles for everyone. She’s such a happy girl.

Lilah is feeling better, just a little stuffed up still, and Eden didn’t catch it, so that was good. We all are feeling well and I have a break from all my test this week, but their is another one next week.

I’ll be sewing Lilah’s costume this week. She’s going to be a fifties girl. I picked it one, so she could have a cute ponytail and two, because it’s the easiest thing to make, though I’ll need to shorten the pattern by like four inches because of how short she is. If I have time, I think I’ll try to make a skirt for Eden also….but we’ll see.

Sick Little Lilah

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

This week has been fun.

Monday Jon and my dad went and bought a security door to put on our front door. My mom came with my dad and stayed and with me while they went shopping. Our little two door Subaru wouldn’t fit a security door in it, unless you cut off the top, so my dad came with his truck. I’m so happy to have family relatively close by, it is a 30 mile round trip from their house to ours though.

My mom, I think, brought a little virus with her, or it could have been the change of weather, but Lilah started having a runny nose on Tuesday. (She watches the little kids and nursery and one wasn’t there at church because of a runny nose, but she gave her a big hug at choir practice Sunday night.) It was an okay day but the night was rough. We let her sleep in our bed with us, hoping it would help her sleep. I also liked the idea of having my sick child cuddle up to me to sleep, but it was a short lived fantasy. Lilah tossed and turned until 2am and kept sitting up because she couldn’t breath. After she threw up, at 2 am, I used the boppy and a pillow to prop her up and that seemed to help her sleep, though she still tossed and turned a lot. It did help that we were right there when she needed us and didn’t need to cry for us. We slept okay, well as okay as two adults and one two year old in a full size bed could sleep.

Wednesday went a little rough. Lilah was a cranky two year old who woke up at 7:00 am with Daddy, and wouldn’t go back to bed, so the morning was hard and their were a lot of little crying spurts for no reason. But Lialh took a pretty good nap and was alright the rest of the day.

I had a dentist appointment also, in which I have two cavities that are to be filled next week. I dislike the dentist because I knew I was going to be needing some work done. I also had to go to a new dentist, because the dentist that I’ve gone to my whole life isn’t on our insurance plan. The new dentist was nice. He just had hairy arms.

We were also haunted by a ghost from our ward who dropped of the caramel and apples to make candied apples. We’re suppose to drop off goodies to two others in the ward. I know who it was that haunted me though because she called to get directions to some wards members home who live on our street, and asked where we live in proximity to them. Because of a test I had due today I wasn’t able to make anything, but tomorrow I plan on baking some banana bread and haunting some other ward members.

Today has been alright Lilah is still sick with a slightly runny nose, but she has a cute stuffed up nose voice. I was able to get my studying done for a PSY test that was due today. I got an 84%, which now brings my grade to an 88% in the class. I also did wonderful on my CRJ test this past Saturday so I have an A in that class and my anthropology class thus far, and two B’s for my two PSY classes.

Lilah was also asking about Anna bringing french fries for lunch. I don’t know why she was saying french fries, but it may have been fried rice because we’ve had Panda Express both times she’s come over. Anna came over last Wednesday. But I’m sure Anna is happy reading about Lilah wanting her to come over, though I don’t know if she wanted the food, or Anna’s company 🙂

Since I finished my test before this evening I went to Home family and personal enrichment. It was fun. It was about how to use the family history program to do genealogy and their was also scrapbooking, so I just sat and talked, then we had some really good food.

All in all the week as been good and I’m just glad that I’m not sick. I think tomorrow I’ll clean my house a little and catch up on my other classes I’ve been neglecting.

Sunday comes before Monday

Sunday, October 16th, 2005

I really don’t know why I’m titling my blog that. I just did.

This weekend was fun, sorta. Mostly just busy. Jon went grocery shopping with Lilah and I cleaned up a little, but mostly took care of Eden. I’m grateful that Jon’s willing to take Lilah to the store with him. I also went to JoAnn’s to get a costume, or fabric for a costume, for Lilah. I’ve decided to make her a 50’s girls, one because she’s cute no matter what, two because it’s not too hard to make, and three my mom may end of sewing what little it has to be sewn anyways. She’s not making costumes for my two nieces this year, kinda long story, so if I need her to do mine she can. Plus, I think it might be fairly easy to make a skirt for Eden to. It’s a matter of cutting out a big circle and making sure the waist is big enough too. We’ll see what gets done anyways.

Saturday we also had the missionaries over for dinner. They were fun. One is from Kansas has only been out four months so he was funny, being a little green and all. I also had to prepare my lesson on Saturday. It went well today, but I only had twenty minutes to give it because we had soo many announcements in Relief Society, it was crazy.
Lilah was cute this evening. While I was preparing my lesson Jon was getting her ready for bed. At one point she was lying next to Eden and said “I love you Eden, I love you Eden.” Melt a mom’s heart, I only wish I had been there. She’s so gentle with Eden, but the flip side is she gets walked all over by more aggressive kids, which would be every child we encounter. There are positive and negative attributes to every child’s behavior.

Today Jonathan received the calling of being the second counselor in our ward’s Elder’s Quorum. I told him that’s why we left the other ward, to give us a break from presidency callings, but I suppose it was a small break, of nearly three months. Anyways, now our life of meetings begins again. At least Jon’s good about saying no if it’s taking up too much time.

So that’s my update. We’re a loving happy family and life is just busily going along.

Leaky kids

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

I woke up yesterday to two surprises. The first one was Lilah’s leaky diaper. Sometimes it leaks out the back, that was fun to change her and her sheets then I discovered Eden. I had earlier heard her fill her diaper, but I had no idea that she had overflowed her diaper. No diaper would have been able to hold all the wonderful surprise that she left. It was just an enormous amount of poo! Newborns will sometimes end up overflowing their daipers. Needless to say I started another load of kids clothes after our episode yesterday morning.

So we’ve been having trouble with our front bathroom toilet. It hasn’t been flushing, or hasn’t flushed properly since we’ve had the house really. The plumber did a few things the first visit then the second she flushed out our sewer line, and the toilet still didn’t flush properly. So we needed a new toilet. At first they (They being Old Republic, OR, our home warranty insurance.) told us they would replace it, then they told the plumber they wouldn’t, at least that’s what the plumber said, but then we finally got it straighten out and she brought a new toilet only to find out our toilet sewer line is only 10 inches from the wall instead of 12, the standard space. So we have to special order the toilet, in which Old republic gives us cash for the amount they would have paid for the regular toilet and we pay the difference because they only pay for the standard amount not upgrades, or things that deviate from the standard building requirements. Then I also find out from the plumber’s customer service that in order to have it installed, we would be paying them $80, because OR doesn’t pay for installation.

So we’ll be buying a toilet, right now their is not one in our bathroom, and Jon’s dad will instruct him how to install it. Linda the plumber said she could instruct him over the phone if we needed her to because it’s so easy. It’s just been such a hassle!! So hopefully we get a toilet soon. We have this coupon for 10% off a purchase at Lowes, so we’re planning on buying a few items that cost a lot, like the toilet and a security screen door. Life is so busy when you’re a home owner.

As a side note, I did well on my tests this past week. So far I have one A, a B, possible another A but I’m unsure. I got an B on the test, then the professor does a curve, so I’m unsure if I have a B or an A. I guess time will tell. Then I have a midterm in my last class this Friday. He does assignments as pass/fail, so I’m passing right now, but well see about the test. I have confidence that I’ll do okay because I know a lot the material already for the class.

Today we’ve had fun so far. Lilah and I blew bubbles, well I blew and she chased them. Then we also took a walk this morning. I love beautiful October weather in Vegas! Hopefully Lilah will take a good nap and I’ll be able to get some laundry folded and some reading done for my classes.

Well, time to go make lunch.

More videos no time

Friday, October 7th, 2005

I have four hours left of videos’ to watch by, well, tomorrow afternoon so I can take a test and a quiz, and about 50 pages to read and a chapter in my CRJ book. Plus, Eden has had the worst gas lately. It’s been hard. My diet hasn’t changed but she’s trying to suck her fingers or she’ll suck her mouth, so I think she might be swallowing more air that way, but she also has sounded congested, so that might be it to. Eden’s just had a rough time which makes it rough for me too. Lilah has been good. Yesterday she didn’t take a nap, she just played for two hours in her crib. Even if Lilah doesn’t nap I have her stay in her crib, mostly for my sake and also to keep the routine a little. Some days she naps, other days she doesn’t, but mostly she naps.

Eden had her two month appointment on Monday, she also got shots, that wasn’t fun. 🙁

She now weighs 11 lbs. 12 oz. and is 23 3/4 inches long. She took the fist shot okay but with the second and third she cried. Luckily she was grumpy that day but nothing unbearable. I wonder if shots would cause more gas? Probably not, but it has been just this week in which her gas has been more severe and bothersome to her, not severe, just really grumpy and hard for her to pass.

Oh, on a different note the Rebel Yell did an article about LDS students at UNLV- UNLV Mormons prevail over contradiction. I thought it was interesting, plus I know Van Phetsomphou, the student they interviewed.