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One holiday down, one to go

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

This past week has been fun. It was such a great long holiday weekend. Jon was able to remove the tiles that needed to be removed in the guest bathroom. He also removed the cement bottom of a strange homemade fountain that was in the backyard. He did that Friday while I had Lilah and Eden. I was at Carolyn’s getting clothes, then we met Kristi with Howie and Kaitlyn at a park, and Carolyn also picked up Dominic. Lilah loved being at the park, she didn’t want to sit down and eat because the other kids were playing. So I’d have her go down the slide and then we would run and get a bit of food, then go back down the slide. It was fun. She loves to climb now and loved being at the park to play. She climbs into Eden’s crib and runs back and forth in it, as long as Eden is not in it. Lilah also climbs into her high chair, anytime she’s hungry and wants food. Sometimes I have to remind her it’s not dinnertime or lunchtime yet. She’s becoming so much more independent.

Thanksgiving day was fun. We mostly hung out at the house and took naps until it was time to go to Jon’s sister’s house, Elana, who was holding it this year. Tommy, Elana’s husband, actually did all the cooking, it was delicious. I ate a lot and had a few small pieces of pie.

Saturday, well I don’t remember Saturday much. I think I was studying most of the day and Jon went to the store.

I have one more book to read before a tests that’s due the twelve, along with studying for the other classes. Finals are that week, so just three weeks until I’m done for the semester!! I can’t wait. Then maybe I can get some serious organizing, or at least some sewing done. I have to get my drapes sewn before I can sew outfits for Andrea’s wedding, so I’ll be working hard on those. Not to mention that they’ll help keep our drafty windows covered.

That’s all for right now, except Eden did roll from her belly to her front on Monday.


Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Lilah went to bed late Sunday night, because we had family home evening at my parents, and then got up early yesterday morning, around 6:45 am. She was a grumpy two year old and was driving me nuts. She was playing with her toy box, so she wanted the lid on then off, then on. I took the lid off, but she then wanted it on, so I got the laundry started while she cried and whined. So after I did the laundry I put it on, only of course she wanted it off and she whined and cried. So I sat her on the couch and tried to calmly explain the situation, and then after I did the dishes I would take the lid off if she wanted it off, or if she kept crying, it would stay on the whole day. It’s similar to a rubbermaid bin, so she can’t quite put it on completely by herself, and she definitely doesn’t have the strength or coordination to take it off. After I explained the situation we got her blankets to cuddle with while I did the dishes. I was hoping she would fall asleep, but that didn’t happen. I did find her in Eden’s swing though. It was next to the couch and she climb in it. I then took her out and took the lid off, only to have her cry some more. I stopped helping her then and she calmed down after following me for a little bit. We read a book, and I thought it was ironic that she picked The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. One good thing was once we played in the girls room and watched a little Clifford and Cailou she was good. She even ate all her lunch quickly! She’s been not eating well, but I think she just went through a growth spurt, so she’s eating again. After lunch she took the best nap and I was able to get more studying done until Eden woke up and needed attention and to be fed. I was even able to fold the two loads of laundry I did of the girls. I can’t believe how much clothing they go through in a few days!

Eden’s been trouble to. Well she still has a cough, which has made it hard for her to sleep, but the main thing is she rolls over too much. She’ll be trying to get to sleep, or be grumpy, and then she’ll roll over and can’t get herself back to her back, so she cries. Or she’ll be asleep and will roll over and wake herself up. It’s just interesting to see them do things but not know how to remedy the situation. Like when she’s holding a rattle or burp cloth, and then decides she wants to suck her thumb or eat her hand, but she doesn’t know how to let go of the rattle or burp cloth. She’s also growling. Not in a bad way, just experimenting with sound. When the missionaries came over, the new elder sat with his back to the playpen, and I came in and put Eden down in it and then sat down. He hadn’t noticed that it was a play pen and jumped when Eden let out one of , what we call, her wild animal sounds. Sometimes you’d think we have some sort of dog or other small creature. She’s usually happy when she growls though. She’s a sweetheart though. She really is an easy baby and entertains herself well, as long as she doesn’t roll over. Amber thinks she has the sweetest baby, but I think Eden is. 🙂


Monday, November 21st, 2005

This weekend was crazy. Saturday’s are suppose to be relaxing, right.
We had Super Saturday for Relief Society. (that’s when we do different crafts for a morning). It started at nine but I decided to sleep in and got there more around 10:30. I brought Eden, who thankfully was an angel, and I was able to do my craft. I fed her before I left at 1:00. Then I dropped her off at home with Jon and Lilah, they had been outside cleaning up and playing. I went shopping and got home around 2:00.
Then Jon made cole slaw for dinner while I cleaned up the house. He had a priesthood meeting at 4:00, so he went to that, while I stayed home to prepare the rest of dinner. We had the missionaries over, so we had hamburgers.
They got here a little late, so we rushed through dinner because there was an adult meeting at 7:00 pm. This weekend was stake conference.
Then I got home around 9:00 and we put our girls to bed. It was just busy. Jon had wanted to tear some of the tiles in the bathroom out, but that didn’t happen with all that was going on. Maybe this week after Thanksgiving.

I registered for classes this past week. I was able to get two classes that qualify for the Foreign culture credit online- so I’m taking History of the French and The Bible as literature. I know there will tons of reading next semester, so I don’t particularly look for ward to that, but I don’t want to take the chance that I won’t be able to get into of them my last semester and then need to take a class on-campus to fulfill that requirement, since I need six credits in Foreign Culture. I’ll probably also have one on-campus class next semester, but I may be able to get them all on-line, if I play my cards right, and the classes I want aren’t full. I just can’t believe that in a year I will more than likely have a degree and then I can be done with school forever, or until I want a higher degree or different one. It just seems that I’ve been going to school for so long that I don’t know what I’ll do when I’m done. Though I’m sure my two kids will keep me busy and any other that come along after that.

Eden’s achievements

Friday, November 18th, 2005

Well Eden has rolled over completely on her own. This past week she’s been mostly getting from her back to belly, but one arm has always stopped her form completely getting to her belly. But just now she was completely on her belly! She also holds her head up really well when on her belly. She’s rolling and grabbing for things she wants. She also loves to talk. Jon says she sounds like a tazmanian devil, so we should call her taz, but I think we’ll hold off on that nick name. 🙂 She’s growing so fast. Lilah took her time, and I have a feeling that Eden is going to do things right on time.

This week we also moved Eden into the crib in the girls room. She looked so small in the crib when we first put her in there, but now when I put her into the cradle, she looks so big. Lilah has done really well with still sleeping at nighttime. She wakes up either before or after Eden so it’s early mornings for me. Today she was following Jon around and helping him as he ate breakfast and made his lunch. He said he enjoyed having her up this morning, even though he was probably late to work because of it. She’ll hopefully take a good nap today, so I can take a shower. I hate to admit it but I haven’t showered since Tuesday evening because of the school work and a sick, demanding baby. I promise I’ll shower today though.

Week in Review

Monday, November 14th, 2005

This past week was adventurous for Lilah, Eden and I. We dropped Jon off at the airport on Monday morning. Lilah didn’t like this and cried for a short time, she wanted to go on the plane with Daddy, but she cheered up a little as we got to my parents house. There she played outside with Howie and Kaitlyn, and I was out there with her most of the time. She doesn’t like to be outside by herself, though she’ll go upstairs by herself. She had fun and I was able to get some school work done. Eden did alright too. She was a pretty good baby this week considering all the driving and not being home for her naps.

Tuesday we visited a friend in the ward. Lilah was weary of the place and wasn’t really comfortable until around lunch time. She just has to warm up to places. She loved playing outside on their slide and the swing. She did really good at sharing and taking turns with the other kids.

Wednesday we stayed home. She was sick, and still is. She’s just had this stuffy nose that won’t go away. Of course on Wednesday it was runny also. So we relaxed and did dishes and house stuff. It’s sad when you start a full load of dishes and you still have at least half a load in your sink.

Thursday we visited Mary and her daughter Maddy. Maddy is a four months younger than Lilah. She did alright with some taking turns, but they both had a hard time sharing at some points. She had a swing also and if I would have let her Lilah probably would have stayed the swing and swung the whole time. Maddy also had one of those dancing elmo’s and Lilah just loved him. She would turn him on and then hug him as he danced and sang. Though no one get her this toy because I”m not a big fan of elmo, and I’m not a fan of any toy that sings and dances! They’re just too annoying!!

We also visited some people from the old ward we were in. They have a quilting class on Thursday nights so I dropped by. Lilah loved running around. She was eating a toostie pop and stared singing, eating a lollipop is fun to do, fun to do, fun to do. We sing that song and put in any phrase we want. She really loves to sing.

Friday we visited Amber and her daughters. We were bombarded with naked girls. Well just two, and they’re potty training, so it’s understandable. It was just cute and I saw what I have to look forward too. Lilah had fun and loved being at the park. I’m an overprotective parent and she really hasn’t gotten out much. Partially because we only have one car and their are no parks close by to play at. When we were at the apartment I took her to the play area there and we went swimming a lot before we moved. But now being in a home we only have the backyard and it’s mostly cleaned up, though we’re being overrun with weeds, but their still is questionable stuff in parts of the dirt. I also admit I’m not a mom who likes her kids to get dirty. I hate having to clean her up afterwards. Plus we really don’t have clothes that she can just get muddy and stained, off course she does that on her own at dinnertime. But I’m trying to be better.

We also picked Jon up at the airport on Friday. Lilah and Eden were watched by Andrea while I got him. Then Brien came over for a little bit. We stayed until finding Nemo was over. Lilah really liked that movie. On Saturday she wanted to watch it, but we don’t have it.

Saturday was a great day. It’s wonderful to not be a single parent anymore!! I went and saw Andrea try on a couple wedding dresses. There weren’t a lot in her size, actually only three, but she tried on a couple in the size down also. She’s going up to Utah for Thanksgiving so she can go shopping. She’s also going up for Christmas to be with Brien’s family, last year they were with us. So I’m mad at her since she’ll be gone for both holidays.

Sunday Lilah stayed home with Jon. Neither were feeling well, though for Lilah is was her nose and we didn’t want her to give a virus to other kids in nursery, since we don’t know if it was just the weather or if it was a virus. Eden also started to be sick on Sunday. She now sounds awful. She’ll cough and you just hear the congestion in her chest rattle. Though she’s still very happy and isn’t runny a fever. This is the fist time Eden’s been sick. I think the week just brought too much excitement.

Today is back to normal. I need to go study for a test that’s this week and I also have two assignments to complete. So now back to the real world, our vacation of playdates is over for a short while.

Big Girl

Sunday, November 6th, 2005

Well, we’ve finally bit one bullet and put up Lilah’s toddler bed, really it’s a crib, just in the toddler bed way of being put up, I really don’t know what word to use for it. The first night, Thursday, she only came out once, and then fell asleep. Friday she took her nap pretty well, because she woke up so early and got put down late. Friday night she also only came out once. Saturday was just busy, so she didn’t get a nap and was just exhausted by the time we got home. Today she didn’t want to take a nap. She came running out at one point saying, “I’m awake Mommy, I’m awake.” She was so proud, but she hadn’t slept yet. So now my mornings of sleeping in are gone. I will be waking up around 7:00-7:30 am and sometimes even earlier. This is new for me because I was spoiled and was able to keep Lilah asleep for a little bit after Jon leaves or at least contained in the crib and didn’t have to get up until 8:30-9:00. We’re giving her a couple of weeks and then Eden will be joining her, she’s just getting to big for the cradle. Eden sleeps for at least 9 hours, sometimes 10 at night, so they’ll be waking up at the same time, but well be putting Eden down just a little later then Lilah.

Anyways, Yesterday was busy. We had to go shopping for Jon because he needed more clothes for work, then we had a baptism. Lilah kept saying we were going to see God and Jesus. We said maybe she would, but we weren’t sure. We’re not sure where she got the idea that you see God and Jesus at baptisms, but Jon made a funny comment about what the nursery might be teaching her. Anyways, it was enjoyable and after the baptism we went and had food at the Lee’s house. After the dinner we went to my parents to see my Aunt and Uncle who were in town for the BYU UNLV football game. I really don’t care for sports, but I might if UNLV had a descent team, but I don’t mind the basketball team. Anyhow we visited with them and came home late last night.

Today has just been church. Jon will be going on a business trip soon so we’re getting him ready today also. I don’t look forward to him be gone, but I’ll be visiting some friends, so I look forward to the play dates and seeing other adults.

The Weekend

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

Saturday we had our trunk or treat for church. I made Lilah and Eden matching poodle skirts. They were so cute. Lilah went around with some friends to the different cars. They were also dressed in the fifties and wearing poodle skirts, so she fit right in with the family. Lilah was so excited to be getting candy in her bucket. She just loved trick or treating. Now she wants a piece of candy morning, noon and night.

Monday Lilah had fun seeing the trick or treaters, though some were a little too scary for her. I took her to a few houses on the block, because there weren’t a lot lit up. But she was just so cute and excited to go. She would say trick or treat only knowing she would get candy. I think if Lilah knew she would get candy or a goody she would talk more often, but then I would probably create a food dependent and overweight child, so I’ll be happy with her silence and her cuteness when she does talk to people. She does talk plenty at home to Jon and I, it’s just that she’s shy and has to warm up to people whenever she sees them, even if she already knows them.

My dad’s birthday was yesterday so we called and Lilah sang happy birthday. She did really well. She likes to sing and talk on the phone, but not in public. I can foresee her as a teenager, always on the phone. Anyways.
Eden is getting big. She now is holding her hands together infront of her and has really found her thumb and knows how to use it. That makes life a little easier on mom. She’s so cute and loves to play on her belly a little more. She rolled over yesterday, of course it was downhill on the couch and towards me, so she didn’t have to work to hard at it.

Also this weekend Andrea and Brien got engaged!! They’re getting married the 25th of February. I learned yesterday form my mom, that it’s late in the month because he might still be defending his thesis until the 16th or something like that, so he should definitely be done by that date and wouldn’t need to worry about it anymore, well I guess unless he fails. J/K I know Brien wont fail. Anyhow that’s the news.

Lilah chose the color. 🙂