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The Weekend

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

Saturday we had our trunk or treat for church. I made Lilah and Eden matching poodle skirts. They were so cute. Lilah went around with some friends to the different cars. They were also dressed in the fifties and wearing poodle skirts, so she fit right in with the family. Lilah was so excited to be getting candy in her bucket. She just loved trick or treating. Now she wants a piece of candy morning, noon and night.

Monday Lilah had fun seeing the trick or treaters, though some were a little too scary for her. I took her to a few houses on the block, because there weren’t a lot lit up. But she was just so cute and excited to go. She would say trick or treat only knowing she would get candy. I think if Lilah knew she would get candy or a goody she would talk more often, but then I would probably create a food dependent and overweight child, so I’ll be happy with her silence and her cuteness when she does talk to people. She does talk plenty at home to Jon and I, it’s just that she’s shy and has to warm up to people whenever she sees them, even if she already knows them.

My dad’s birthday was yesterday so we called and Lilah sang happy birthday. She did really well. She likes to sing and talk on the phone, but not in public. I can foresee her as a teenager, always on the phone. Anyways.
Eden is getting big. She now is holding her hands together infront of her and has really found her thumb and knows how to use it. That makes life a little easier on mom. She’s so cute and loves to play on her belly a little more. She rolled over yesterday, of course it was downhill on the couch and towards me, so she didn’t have to work to hard at it.

Also this weekend Andrea and Brien got engaged!! They’re getting married the 25th of February. I learned yesterday form my mom, that it’s late in the month because he might still be defending his thesis until the 16th or something like that, so he should definitely be done by that date and wouldn’t need to worry about it anymore, well I guess unless he fails. J/K I know Brien wont fail. Anyhow that’s the news.

Lilah chose the color. 🙂