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Big Girl

Sunday, November 6th, 2005

Well, we’ve finally bit one bullet and put up Lilah’s toddler bed, really it’s a crib, just in the toddler bed way of being put up, I really don’t know what word to use for it. The first night, Thursday, she only came out once, and then fell asleep. Friday she took her nap pretty well, because she woke up so early and got put down late. Friday night she also only came out once. Saturday was just busy, so she didn’t get a nap and was just exhausted by the time we got home. Today she didn’t want to take a nap. She came running out at one point saying, “I’m awake Mommy, I’m awake.” She was so proud, but she hadn’t slept yet. So now my mornings of sleeping in are gone. I will be waking up around 7:00-7:30 am and sometimes even earlier. This is new for me because I was spoiled and was able to keep Lilah asleep for a little bit after Jon leaves or at least contained in the crib and didn’t have to get up until 8:30-9:00. We’re giving her a couple of weeks and then Eden will be joining her, she’s just getting to big for the cradle. Eden sleeps for at least 9 hours, sometimes 10 at night, so they’ll be waking up at the same time, but well be putting Eden down just a little later then Lilah.

Anyways, Yesterday was busy. We had to go shopping for Jon because he needed more clothes for work, then we had a baptism. Lilah kept saying we were going to see God and Jesus. We said maybe she would, but we weren’t sure. We’re not sure where she got the idea that you see God and Jesus at baptisms, but Jon made a funny comment about what the nursery might be teaching her. Anyways, it was enjoyable and after the baptism we went and had food at the Lee’s house. After the dinner we went to my parents to see my Aunt and Uncle who were in town for the BYU UNLV football game. I really don’t care for sports, but I might if UNLV had a descent team, but I don’t mind the basketball team. Anyhow we visited with them and came home late last night.

Today has just been church. Jon will be going on a business trip soon so we’re getting him ready today also. I don’t look forward to him be gone, but I’ll be visiting some friends, so I look forward to the play dates and seeing other adults.