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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Lilah went to bed late Sunday night, because we had family home evening at my parents, and then got up early yesterday morning, around 6:45 am. She was a grumpy two year old and was driving me nuts. She was playing with her toy box, so she wanted the lid on then off, then on. I took the lid off, but she then wanted it on, so I got the laundry started while she cried and whined. So after I did the laundry I put it on, only of course she wanted it off and she whined and cried. So I sat her on the couch and tried to calmly explain the situation, and then after I did the dishes I would take the lid off if she wanted it off, or if she kept crying, it would stay on the whole day. It’s similar to a rubbermaid bin, so she can’t quite put it on completely by herself, and she definitely doesn’t have the strength or coordination to take it off. After I explained the situation we got her blankets to cuddle with while I did the dishes. I was hoping she would fall asleep, but that didn’t happen. I did find her in Eden’s swing though. It was next to the couch and she climb in it. I then took her out and took the lid off, only to have her cry some more. I stopped helping her then and she calmed down after following me for a little bit. We read a book, and I thought it was ironic that she picked The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. One good thing was once we played in the girls room and watched a little Clifford and Cailou she was good. She even ate all her lunch quickly! She’s been not eating well, but I think she just went through a growth spurt, so she’s eating again. After lunch she took the best nap and I was able to get more studying done until Eden woke up and needed attention and to be fed. I was even able to fold the two loads of laundry I did of the girls. I can’t believe how much clothing they go through in a few days!

Eden’s been trouble to. Well she still has a cough, which has made it hard for her to sleep, but the main thing is she rolls over too much. She’ll be trying to get to sleep, or be grumpy, and then she’ll roll over and can’t get herself back to her back, so she cries. Or she’ll be asleep and will roll over and wake herself up. It’s just interesting to see them do things but not know how to remedy the situation. Like when she’s holding a rattle or burp cloth, and then decides she wants to suck her thumb or eat her hand, but she doesn’t know how to let go of the rattle or burp cloth. She’s also growling. Not in a bad way, just experimenting with sound. When the missionaries came over, the new elder sat with his back to the playpen, and I came in and put Eden down in it and then sat down. He hadn’t noticed that it was a play pen and jumped when Eden let out one of , what we call, her wild animal sounds. Sometimes you’d think we have some sort of dog or other small creature. She’s usually happy when she growls though. She’s a sweetheart though. She really is an easy baby and entertains herself well, as long as she doesn’t roll over. Amber thinks she has the sweetest baby, but I think Eden is. 🙂