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One holiday down, one to go

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

This past week has been fun. It was such a great long holiday weekend. Jon was able to remove the tiles that needed to be removed in the guest bathroom. He also removed the cement bottom of a strange homemade fountain that was in the backyard. He did that Friday while I had Lilah and Eden. I was at Carolyn’s getting clothes, then we met Kristi with Howie and Kaitlyn at a park, and Carolyn also picked up Dominic. Lilah loved being at the park, she didn’t want to sit down and eat because the other kids were playing. So I’d have her go down the slide and then we would run and get a bit of food, then go back down the slide. It was fun. She loves to climb now and loved being at the park to play. She climbs into Eden’s crib and runs back and forth in it, as long as Eden is not in it. Lilah also climbs into her high chair, anytime she’s hungry and wants food. Sometimes I have to remind her it’s not dinnertime or lunchtime yet. She’s becoming so much more independent.

Thanksgiving day was fun. We mostly hung out at the house and took naps until it was time to go to Jon’s sister’s house, Elana, who was holding it this year. Tommy, Elana’s husband, actually did all the cooking, it was delicious. I ate a lot and had a few small pieces of pie.

Saturday, well I don’t remember Saturday much. I think I was studying most of the day and Jon went to the store.

I have one more book to read before a tests that’s due the twelve, along with studying for the other classes. Finals are that week, so just three weeks until I’m done for the semester!! I can’t wait. Then maybe I can get some serious organizing, or at least some sewing done. I have to get my drapes sewn before I can sew outfits for Andrea’s wedding, so I’ll be working hard on those. Not to mention that they’ll help keep our drafty windows covered.

That’s all for right now, except Eden did roll from her belly to her front on Monday.