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School work

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

I logged onto WebCT (my online classroom) and each course had an assignment icon there. Which just means an assignment or quiz is available, and some had the “assignment due soon” underneath. Luckily I did one assignment tonight that was due, and another test I don’t have to take because I’ve already taken four, and I am okay with my grade (mostly because I didn’t have time to dedicate to this test to make it worth it), then the other two classes have quizzes that aren’t due until Sunday and then Monday. I am just hanging on and doing what I can. Eden was very hard today also. She’s four months old and her sleeping habits are changing, so I’m re guessing when she’s tired, and needs naps. Lilah was a gem this morning though. I was just exhausted because I’ve been going to bed late and waking up early, so she played in the our bedroom while I took a nap, well I was mostly asleep, but partially awake. She’s so good to me. It’s time for prayer and scripture reading now, not to mention that CSI is on, so that’s it for today.