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Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

On Friday I was doing something on the Internet and had Eden on a blanket on the floor rather then her play pen.

This is where she was when I left her.

This is where she was after I turned around. Of course these are reenactments that Eden did for me. She rolled off the blanket about four times and almost got to the couch once. Lilah wanted Eden’s headband on her, that’s why she reliving the 80’s with her yellow head band.

Friday night we set up our Christmas tree and here is a picture of Jon and Lilah.

This is a lady bug ornament that hums a very quick and partial rendition of “Hark the Herald Angels sing.” It hasn’t annoyed us yet to the extent that we need to move it. But I’ll be surprised if it still works after this Christmas.

Saturday Jon put some lights up and I finished my Relief Society lesson. It went well. I just wasn’t as prepared as I like to be, plus it was just hard for me to figure out what they were meaning by the discussion questions and what not. We did Chapter 10 in the David O. McKay book, because of Joseph Smith’s Birthday on the 23rd.
Sunday we also had FHE at the Lee’s house. Their oldest, Kelsey was singing in their youth stake choir and had a solo, so we went and supported her after we ate. I made some delicious rolls for dinner. I say they were delicious because everyone likes them, not because I’m big headed about my cooking.

Monday I made lots of cookies, today I’ve done lots of cleaning and cooking and then more cleaning and cooking. My back aches because of needing to lean over just enough to not be able to stand straight, but enough that it really starts to ache, if that makes sense. I’m a little tired, and I still should make some more cookies tonight. Will someone come to my house and bake for me. Tonight I think I’ll do peanut butter cookies. Those sound good.

Grades are in!

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

So here are my grades for the past semester
ANT 101- Intro to Anthro. A-
CRJ 301- Research Methods A-
PSY 408- History of PSY. A-
PSY 420- PSY of Learning B+

I ‘m just so excited that I did so well. I was expecting two B’s and two A’s, so I’m happy.
I don’t have time to write about the weekend because I need to finish cleaning the kitchen so I can make some more rolls and cookies today. I love rolls, and I love cookies, so it’s hard to give them away. I’m feeding a family tonight, their mom just had her baby this morning and I visit teach her, so I better get busy.