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One down two to go

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

It feels like Friday. I’ve been studying all week for my women’s class and so today feels like Friday. I took it earlier this evening and I got a 92%. I wish it was Friday because then tomorrow could be Saturday and I could relax and watch General Conference with my family. The good thing about it being Thursday is I get one more day to study. I have two test next week, one due Monday/Tuesday for English and a psy one. Plus…as always… a history posting due. I’m totally behind on those. It’s 25 % of my grade and each paper is another 25%. I figure maybe I can still get a C if I keep on top of them now and get A’s on my next two papers. We’ll see.

We got the soil mixed on Saturday for the garden. We’ll be getting plants this weekend and hopefully they’ll get planted next week. It was fun mixing the soil and feeling it between my fingers. At first I was not helping. Jon didn’t mind. I didn’t want to get dirty, so I sat and read one of my history books. Then I just couldn’t resist doing some mixing and I started to help break up compacted soil. It was fun and soon I was doing lots of mixing and helping. The three of us had fun. Luckily Eden was sleeping and the phone didn’t ring while we mixed and watered the soil. I’m excited for the garden. I’ve called it Jon’s project so far, but that’s because he’s doing all the building and painting. I look forward to the up keep and the eating. I don’t know if it’ll increase our house value or if we’ll get our monies worth of vegetables, but it definitely brings a little light into our yard and home. I’m glad I have a husband willing to work so hard.

Other then that life has been busy as usual. I think Lilah is feeling a little neglected with all the studying and my space that I’ve been doing. Two mornings she stayed and cuddled with me rather than go watch Sesame Street. I really need to give her more attention. The two of them play so well together, so I don’t always join in. I read or do computer work. Tonight she slept in and then got a late nap, so she went to bed late. (10:40) We read two, long, books to get her ready. I think it helped to give her that one on one time.

Time Waster

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

I’ve been on my space. At first I was totally against it. It’s too public and too many freaks. I decided to go on so I could see what was up with my new sister-in-law, Fallon. I’ve become addicted. I’ve been able to check up with old friends and I’m able to see what’s going on in my close ones lives. It’s fun. I’m having a good time. I just hope some freak doesn’t stalk me for my beautiful children.

Food for thought, or really my tummy

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Sugary foods. I love sugary snacks. I just have to have something sweet. I grew up and we always had something, at least for the first three days after mom went to the grocery store, after that it was usually gone. I have had times where I don’t need anything sweet for weeks, and I have times where I seem to need a daily fix. I’m in a fix a day mode right now. I went to the store for milk one day and also brought home rocky road ice cream. Then I went grocery shopping with Lilah and oreo’s were on sale, so I bought a package. Jon just looks at me as I say that I had a craving. His reply is that it will also tempt him. There was period of about a year that he didn’t eat any sugary food unless it was in a natural form, honey, fruit and juices. He did really well until we moved and had Eden. A women in the ward brought ice cream for a desert while they were bringing us dinner and it went out the door. Ice cream is his ultimate weakness.

I try to keep Lilah’s sugar intake small. She was a year old before she had any sugar, and that was her cake. Then she didn’t have a lot of sugar after that, or chocolate for a while. She seemed to have a reaction to chocolate. We often have our snacks after the girls go to bed, so she isn’t eating so much sugar, but we also give her some during the day at times. I guess I feel somewhat hypocritical not giving her snacks when I have them so often. I just hate that she’s always asking for them when she knows they’re around. Everyday after Halloween she wanted candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whenever I make cookies she wants them too. It just seems to rule her life when it’s around. Some would say it because I don’t give her any, but I say it because if it’s around you want it, whether you’re a child or an adult. I want it, even when it’s not there.

This leads me to a thought I had this morning. Raisin Bran is the choice of cereal in our house right now. Lilah has never had a child’s cereal bought buy us. She had Cheerios, corn chex, rice chex, bran flakes, and corn flakes for the first two years of her life, at least once she started eating them. I don’t want her to get started on kids cereal because they are one, so sugary, and two, so dang expensive. The raisin bran is 9 cents an ounce if you buy in bulk and kids cereal is anywhere from 15-20 cents an ounce. We just can’t afford that… ever. I admit sometimes I have cravings for Cocoa Crispies and Lucky Charms. Someday we might buy a kids cereal as a treat, but I want my kids to value regular cereals and foods, also fruits and veggies. She loves fruit and she loves certain veggies. I have a pretty good eater, I contribute that to not giving her too much sugar, and the fact that we’re frugal. I don’t mind buying the cheap canned goods if we can get more fresh produce. I don’t mind having corn flakes with bananas and I love to hear that Lilah wants an orange, though I don’t always love peeling it. We’ve had strawberries this past week and since I cut them in half, she calls them heart valentines. She’s cute. I hope I don’t go soft on Eden and that she is a year old before she has any sugar. I think it helps them develop a taste for natures sugars and not manufactured sweets. I know I’m enslaved by their enticingly sweet goods. I want something different for my girls.

On the move, army crawl style

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

I’d just like to note that Eden is now going everywhere we go. Well relatively. She now comes into the bathroom with me, she loves our bath mat. She loves following us down the hall when Lilah has to go potty and she likes to go onto the dinning area and eat the foot of the chairs. Plus she was exploring our kitchen and when she heard me come up behind her she started to move as fast has she could to the trash can, where she likes to play with the bag. I’m just not ready for this explorative little girl. Now I can’t expect he to stay on one area. I have to use blockades if I don’t want her to go somewhere or shut the doors. I guess it was inevitable. Life as I know it has changed. She’s also getting into the sitting position from her belly, but sometimes she loses her balance and falls backwards, so I’m needing to keep an eye on her all the time now. I suppose I should have given her more sitting up time, but she always has fun on her belly so that’s where I put her. Which brings me to another problem. She won’t stay on her back for anything. I wish they made diapers that fastened in the back because she is always on her belly by the time I get her little bottom wiped. Sometimes giving her a toy works, but it doesn’t last much past three changes. What seems the best is to have her big sister there to distract her. She just loves Lilah and Lilah loves her. There are times she won’t take a nap unless she sees Lilah before she goes down. There are times that her and Lilah just laugh at on another for the silliest things. Lilah was blowing raspberries at Eden and Eden was just laughing her head off. I hope they keep a good relationship as they grow, but only time will tell.


Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

I never mentioned what I got on my English test. I want to try to describe my anxiety as I waited for the page to pull up though. Last week was Spring Break, so I checked my classes to see if anything may have been posted. Nothing though. Tuesday I logged on and I saw the hoped for, yet dreaded, grade icon under my English classes header. I sat nervously waiting to see what I got. I was so worried that my writing wasn’t Standard American English and that she’d give me a 60-70% because of it. My heart was racing a little and I was worried as the screen pulled up. I got an 88% though. I was soo happy! It gives me hope that I might actually passed this class with a B, if i continue to do well, and not fail. Anyways the semester only has eight weeks left. I can’t believe that! So I better get moving because I have a posting due tomorrow and one by Saturday night for history.

The Open house for Andrea and Brien is this weekend in Utah. I would love to go, but in reality we don’t have time or money, and our car, well I wouldn’t want to drive it alone. I think. If I got this post done tonight, maybe I could convince my parents to take me and Eden with them and Lilah and Jon could have a fun weekend, but I also know, that I should stay home. I just don’t want to.

Besides Lilah has been sick. The past two nights she’s been in bed with us. Though tonight I think she should sleep in her own, because I think she’ll be well enough. We’ll see how tired we are though.

Nighttime Visits

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

Since Andrea and Brien are now married I think they’ve found time for other people. J/K. They were planning on going to Deseret Book for F.H.E., but they close at six on Mondays so they crashed ours. It was fun to have vistiors. We were just watching a Church History Video. We recently got the DVD set and we’ve just been running through them. Last nights video was The Three Witnesses. It was a cheesy church video, good but a little cheesy. It was made in the 70’s (my guess anyways) by BYU and as Brien said, man has church movie productions gotten better. Lilah loved having them over. In fact earlier in the day she asked if Brien and Andrea were coming over. I guess she got her wish. Now she keeps mentioning how Brien broke our chair, and we’ll probably buy a new blue one. Why blue? No clue, but she is two. (stop that rhyming I mean it. Anybody want a peanut?)

Break in

Monday, March 20th, 2006

So I’m still steaming over this. Sunday while we were at church someone either just had the intention of vandalizing our car, or someone tried to break in and steal our car. Both of our locks had been tampered with and we weren’t able to use our key to get in. Luckily a man in the ward just took a screwdriver, and since the locks were messed up anyways, he just popped the stuff back into place and now we can use our keys in the locks, they’re just a little hard to use. It just ticks me off that someone would want to vandalize or steal a beat up two door Subaru that has a two car seats in the back, at a church!! It’s obviously a family car! But as Jon said, people who steal have no respect for anyone, whether it be a small family or an individual. It was frustrating and emotional. Everyone around us had left, so we don’t think anyone else was affected, but who knows. It just makes me really upset. Subaru’s are not a a highly broken into or stolen car, so we don’t know why they’d want it. Or why someone would just vandalize our car, but they must have been trying to steal it because they could have just broken windows or something to vandalize it. Anyways that was part of our Sunday. We also had Family Home Evening at my parents.

Today Scott, Fallon, Mom, and Dad all stopped by. Scott and Fallon leave tomorrow at midnight, so I probably won’t see them before they leave. I just can’t believe they’re gone so soon.
Lilah was emotional while they were here. I think she was overwhelmed and tired. She got no nap yesterday, it was hard to get her to bed last night and she woke up earlier then I wanted her to. She also seems to get overwhelmed at her own house more than other places. Maybe because they’re invading her space. She was just touchy, so I feel bad that she was not giving them hugs before they left, but she did wave and blew a few kisses.


Friday, March 17th, 2006

Since so much has happened lately it’s made me think of different family dynamics and relationships. As many families do we tease about who’s “the favorite” and most liked. In our family it’s thought of who is most loved or liked by our parents. As I was just talking to Jon about this, Favoritism is hard to define. So here is my definition of favoritism: when a parent bestows an unequal, or unjust, amount of love or discipline to different children in the family. I think relationships color favoritism. We can’t chose who is in our family, so obviously we get along better with other members then some. This is true for parents and siblings. Jon mentioned that it’s inevitable that our compatibility with a person will color the relationship, but is that compatibly, or relationship, coloring the amount of love and consideration we give to another person. Are we punishing someone more severly because we dislike them, or are we verbalizing more love to those we like. In other words are we “professional” with the way we interact or do we allow outside feelings to get in the way of our job as a parent or sibling. In most families their is a sort of favoritism expressed, through who we get along with or who the parents allow more slack to. I guess as I am a now a parent I have a goal to not show favoritism. I think it creates contention and unhealthy competition. Children or siblings start competing for the love of the parents, or they feel hopeless and don’t try to be the best they can. I’ve seen this in families. The parents show favoritism, often because they just don’t get along with another child as well as the other and the child that is not the “favorite” doesn’t care, because they can do nothing right, and makes bad decisions. Granted sometimes it is the other way around. Sometimes they make bad decisions and it has nothing to do with the parents or siblings. I think it is important to not compare children to others. Though I can’t admit that I’m always great at this. I love to hear that Lilah is cute or Eden is adorable, but I also enjoy giving compliments to others and their children. I also think comparing ourselves to others is human nature, though it ought not to be, and mostly it’s women who compare themselves to others. (I don’t hear Jon saying, do you think he’s a better father then me? Though I often think this same question and compare myself to other mothers. ) I think there is enough contention in the world and we as individuals create enough competition that we don’t need those we love to play favorites.

I guess, what I’m getting at is I think it can be bad for a developing child to know they are second, third, fourth, or come in after the dog, in family relationships. I say this more from a psychology perspective and from watching others. If I was to choose a course of study this day I would study family relations and how they impact success outside the home. Not always, but I’m sure there is a correlation between feeling inferior in family relations and doing badly in the real world. There are exceptions to the rule, and their may be no scientific relation, but I think that feeling less in the home definitely impacts us and how we succeed out of the home or it may be vice versa. If we’re not liked by our own family, how are we to be liked by total strangers? Some are able to have gainful relations out of the home, and they compensate for lack of a healthy relations in the home. I guess as an adult I see that playing favorites isn’t always good. It creates tension in the relationship, and doesn’t allow growth. Competition and favoritism is just everywhere and Jon and I don’t want that in our family. It can cause pain and hurt to feel less than another and no parent has the right to belittle their child and no sibling has that right either. We are here to be stewards to our children and raise them. Heavenly Father has entrusted us to give them love and understanding in this world, and we need not to encourage negative feelings by having a child feel less loved than another. As I have five siblings I know that sibling rivalry creates enough competition for love, affection, and attention. A parent need not verbalize or compare children one to another. I remember going to the movies with a friend and her mother said “See how Lacey walks with her back straight and her arms to her side. Stop slouching and folding your arms, it looks terrible.” That has stuck with me because my parents have never done that and I just couldn’t help but feel embarrassed for her. She may have forgotten that day because of it blending in with every other time they compared her to someone else, but I remember it because that has rarely happened to me.

Jon and I have discussed the fact that we don’t want to play favorites between our children or compare them with one another. We compare their disposition now, but I can still see how a two year old still listens and takes in information, to where we try to be careful. I’d tell people Lilah is shy, and then one day when Anna was coming over for lunch Lilah said that she’d probably be shy when Anna gets here. I felt horrible, now I try to say reserved, because shy can have a negative connotation. I know we may not be compatible with all our children, but I hope that I can have a good relationship with all my children and not play favorites.I hope to find something that connects me with each one and makes them feel special in that way. I see favoritism as unhealthy in cultivating a happy home with children. We all grow up and sometimes the memories of being compared to someone else, or feeling less loved, fades away, and we are able to have healthy relations with our parents. But sometimes it stays with us, and we never have good relationships with our parents. Life is hard enough in the real world, our homes should be refuges from judgement and a place of love and acceptance.

Scott Wedding Pictures

Sunday, March 12th, 2006

I figured out that I can only upload five pictures at a time, but I can put more than that in a single posting.
So anyways here are pictures from Scott and Fallon’s wedding.

Jon doctored this photo. This is before the wedding and we just loved it.

Andrea helping Mom. Kerrianne is at the end of the table.
Scott giving his vows.
They are now Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Harvey

Scott is never serious.:) Here is a picture of Carolyn.
Judy holding Eden. Julie holding Adrienne.
Here is the only picture I got of Adrienne, sorry it’s not more flattering.
Us with the bride and groom.
Cutting the cake. My mom made it.
My camera was going weird, so I didn’t gett good pictures of them feeding it to one another. But Fallon did spread a little on Scott’s face.

Scott Wedding Pictures

Sunday, March 12th, 2006

Fake bouquet toss
Scott helped Lilah to “catch” it.

Jon liked this picture of Fallon taking a picture of Lilah.
A kiss during thier dance.

Andrea and Brien putting the finishing touches on.