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Picture time

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

Here are some photo’s from yesterday. I asked Lilah to play with Eden in their room while I made dinner. I came in to check on them and this is what I found.
I did tons of things around the house, including cleaning half our rug. That’s why they were in their room. I was afraid Eden would get high from the deodorizer on the rug.
You can see in one pictures Lilah’s runny nose. The Blake girls are all having runny,or stuffed up noses, or in my case just nasal drip down the back of my throat. Eden was with us for a little while last night because she wasn’t falling asleep.
I like this picture because I feel like Eden is “mom you’re messing up my game.”

Picture time

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

I wanted to post some pictures, because they’re fun and my girls have been really cute lately. Eden now gets to her knees, and whenever you put her on the floor this is the position she lands in. She scoots one leg under her and then will move the other one slightly under her, but she doesn’t get that she needs to move her arms, so she still falls to her belly. This happens to be the only picture I’ve been able to get of her on her knees because once she sees the camera she falls and does a little “I’m so cute pose”. ( Have I mentioned that sh has two bottom teeth now?)

AAAHHH! It’s attack of the baby arm!

Here’s the full view

Eden likes to go under Lilah’s bed and try to get the bag that the booster seat is in. I have since moved it so it’s the back near the wall and the Rubbermaid’s are what she will get.

Baby News

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

My sister Kristi gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Saturday. Sometime in the early morning. She is Adriane Nicole and weighted in at 6 lbs. 14 oz, and 20 1/2 ins. She is long, skinny, and has big hands and feet, and Jon toes. (Jon toes are equated with any baby with long toes in our family. Even if they have no relation to Jon, and even if the the true father and mother to Adriane also have long toes.) She also has a full head of dark brown hair, though not as much as her other siblings. She has Kaitlyn’s nose and mouth and Howie’s’ chin, and definitely is her mothers child. Kristi was in a lot of pain, so the nurse gave her sleeping pill and then 1 1/2 hours later a full dose of IV meds. Because of all the drugs she only woke up to push and only remembers seeing the baby briefly on her belly afterwards. The nurse didn’t call about the IV meds, otherwise Nancy would have said to give her a lower dose, so we’re upset that she was so dumb. Other than that both are doing well and are at home.

Saturday Jon overexerted himself and worked hard all day on the garden and backyard. Between working hard and then having to get up early on Sunday (5:30 am for an EQ presidency meeting at 6:30 am) he got a fever on Sunday evening. He stayed home on Monday, and was feeling better in the afternoon so he worked outside even more. (Sigh) Sometimes I don’t know what to do with him.

I gave blood on Saturday and nearly passed out. My systemic pulse, or the top number on my blood pressure was at 87 when they first measured, (it needs to be in 90-120 range), so he took my right arm and it came in at 90. So I gave blood, and it just flowed out of me. It took about five minutes. I got lightheaded and then better and then I was seeing black, like what happens if you stand up too fast, and then it got better after a few minutes. It all ended well, but I just have a tough time giving blood. I’ve been deferred for having low iron and at another time low blood pressure. I passed out the first time I gave, and I black out about half the time I give.Since I was feeling so light headed at home I didn’t do any real housework, just laundry. I also went to Target for some shelves and then to the grocery store. So imagine my surprise when at 10:15 pm we get a knock on our door. It was Andrea and Brien. They were in the neighborhood so they decided to return something. We had a late night so Lilah was still awake and she came out to visit. It was fun to see them, just late, and my house was a disaster. I wonder if they made it to church, since it started at 9 am and they left our house at nearly 11.

Good news! I got a 90% on my first History paper!! I was so stressed that it would be horrible, but all went well and he liked my comparisons. Don’t know about English yet.

Life is still crazy though. We have my brother Scott’s wedding this Saturday. They come in tonight at 11. So hopefully they’re able to plan and get everything else ready.

Two Minutes to spare

Friday, March 3rd, 2006

It’s been crazy. I turned in my history paper today at 11:58 am. It was due at noon. I was just finishing my work cited page when I heard the closings credits to Clifford, so I saved and uploaded it as fast as I could. Jon edited it for me this morning, so I was correcting and what not before I sent it. Hopefully all turns out well and I get a descent grade.

I also took my English test. It was 2 1/2 hours long. We had three sections of three questions and we had to chose one from each section to answer. It was crazy. My first problem was really having a 2 1/2 hour time slot. What mother of two and nurses actually has 2 1/2 hours between the hours of when the kids get up and when the kids go to bed without interruption. Not me. I ended up nursing Eden a little before 4 and then started my test at 4:20. Lilah woke up at 5 and she and Eden watched PBS until Jon got home. Then Lilah and Jon went and picked up some fast food for dinner and I continued to do my test, with some intervals of moving Eden away from our printer (we have one on our floor next to the desk) and also putting her in the exersaucer. I finished the test with 8 minutes to spare. I hope I did okay, but only time will tell once she grades it. If you never hear my score,then you know I received something less than a C.

I went to a ladies night out for Relief society. I got there late, but we played a few rounds of the game Catch Phrase.I can be competitive, so it was interesting to deal with some who were not of my same heart. My team won two out of three games, so it was okay.

Jon laid down with Lilah earlier tonight, and now they’re both asleep in her bed. What is funny is it’s a crib that is just in the toddler bed set up, so he’s curled up next to her. I’m surprised it holds us when we lie down with her. I cuddle with her sometimes just because it’s fun. I would take a picture if I wasn’t worried that the flash would wake Lilah up. But it’s darling to see them together.


Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

Earlier this week I was lying in bed next to Jon and he had fallen asleep before me, which often happens, I was so happy to lie there next to him with my head on his shoulder and listen to him breathe and feel his chest rise and fall beneath my hand. Luckily he doesn’t snore, I’d love him if he did, but it just made me happy to be married and be able to share my life with him. I’m grateful to have him and thankful that he puts up with my crazy emotions.

Since I married young I’m going through my life defining moments with him. I don’t mind because he gives me support, but I hope he doesn’t mind my indecisiveness and all the crying I’m doing lately. (Though today it was while we were IMing, so he didn’t see me cry.)
My English teacher gave me a very harsh evaluation on a posting I did, it was the one I did late and on the day after my breakdown. I was rereading it and I realize how bad it was, but she said that it didn’t qualify for being written in “Standard American English”. That was one of her comments and then it went onto just generalizing the different mistakes I made in verb tense and what not. (I’m not an English major for a reason.) I just took it very personally, like I do whenever some critiques my writing harshly. (One of the reason’s I don’t let Jon critique my writing, I take it too personally and shut down and don’t take his suggestions.) I know I’m not the best writer, or proofreader (why you’ll find mistakes in all my writing), but to say I was not using Standard American English, come on. I wanted to drop her class and my history class. (mostly because I have a paper due Friday and hadn’t worked on it yet), Jon said I could use the moment to fail or to rise and better my writing. To do better was my first instinct, but all the work and the fear of failure lurks in my mind. I worry about him realizing that I am truly unintelligent and not capable of passing this class. I have so many worries and most are superficial, or along the lines of people discovering how unintelligent I really am. It sounds like I’m really down on myself, and I can be, but I think I’m just so use to everyone having high expectations of me. Whether it was in church or at school or at work, and sometimes I just felt (feel) like an impostor. It’s like if it doesn’t come naturally and I have to work at it, then I feel it’s not really me, so I’m truly dumb or something. I know that sounds idiotic, but in a way when I was growing up it was like every one around me was naturally smart, and so I must not be because it doesn’t always come as easy. I’m also afraid of failure. If I really apply myself and still fail, then it makes me even dumber. Jon always says he sees me more clearly than I see myself. I’m grateful for his support and I know I can at least pass this English class. I just need to take my time and proof read better. Hopefully my next writing passes for “Standard American English”, especially since it’s a test this Friday.

Five things game

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

I was tagged by Amber

5 Things Game

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Uh ten years ago I was twelve… I’m so young… so I was in the seventh grade and at this time of year we would have been practising for Festival for band. I would have been hanging out with my best friend Tiffany and being an awkward middle school teenager.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
I was 4 months pregnant with Eden and was taking three on-campus classes and one Internet class. I was also staying home and taking care of Lilah.

Five snacks I enjoy:
1) Cookies, any kind, but particularly snickerdoodle, or the chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips.
2) Ice cream
3) corn bread with butter and honey
4) beef jerky
5) animal crackers

Five songs to which I know all the lyrics:
1) Someone To Watch Over Me- I think that’s the title anyways
2) I’ve Got My Baby by Faith Hill- not sure of that title also
3) Izzy’s Some Where Over The Rainbow- still what I believe is the title and his whole name I don’t know because he’s Hawaiian
4) On top of the world, by Dixie chicks
5) Many, many primary songs

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1) build a space ship and fly to the moon
2) build a moderate sized dream house
3) build houses for all that I love so they could be around me and we could have fun parties
4) Amber had tithing first, and now that i think about it I would also tithe.. of course
5) build my own private school for pre-school to 12th so I could decide what my kids learn and those who share my beliefs could have their children attend for a small fee, if not free.

Five bad habits:
1) biting my fingernails
2) procrastinating until I have breakdowns
3) not doing the dishes until we’re out of dishes
4) typing while looking at the keyboard, and using the improper fingers for certain keys
5) going days without seeing the sun just because I’m content to stay inside… mostly bad for my girls.

Five things I like doing:
1) being with family
2) baking yummy cookies, or anything that is yummy
3) playing with my girls
4) taking naps
5) reading blogs

Five things I would never buy, wear, or get new again:
1) Perky breast–nursing isn’t good to you (I apologize to the sensitive readers 🙂
2) Sunlight dishwasher detergent- leaves residue
3) bangs cut by my mom….no offense they just never turned out straight
4) rolled socks that looked like donuts on my ankles
5) wisdom teeth

Five favorite toys:
1) anything that keeps my girls busy
2) digital camera
3) front loading washing machine
4) A couch that my husband and I both fit on so we can cuddle while lying down.
5) We don’t have many electronic gadgets or anything else that is new.

Here’s the deal: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot:

1. Disparate Housewife
3. My Blog Is About Nothing
3. The Mama
4. Soggy Cheerios
5. Is it naptime yet

Then select five people to tag:
1) Anna
2) Barabra
3) Tracy O.
4) I don’t know anyone elses blog or read any others
so if you’re a lurker let me know and post a comment and you can participate too!