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Baby News

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

My sister Kristi gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Saturday. Sometime in the early morning. She is Adriane Nicole and weighted in at 6 lbs. 14 oz, and 20 1/2 ins. She is long, skinny, and has big hands and feet, and Jon toes. (Jon toes are equated with any baby with long toes in our family. Even if they have no relation to Jon, and even if the the true father and mother to Adriane also have long toes.) She also has a full head of dark brown hair, though not as much as her other siblings. She has Kaitlyn’s nose and mouth and Howie’s’ chin, and definitely is her mothers child. Kristi was in a lot of pain, so the nurse gave her sleeping pill and then 1 1/2 hours later a full dose of IV meds. Because of all the drugs she only woke up to push and only remembers seeing the baby briefly on her belly afterwards. The nurse didn’t call about the IV meds, otherwise Nancy would have said to give her a lower dose, so we’re upset that she was so dumb. Other than that both are doing well and are at home.

Saturday Jon overexerted himself and worked hard all day on the garden and backyard. Between working hard and then having to get up early on Sunday (5:30 am for an EQ presidency meeting at 6:30 am) he got a fever on Sunday evening. He stayed home on Monday, and was feeling better in the afternoon so he worked outside even more. (Sigh) Sometimes I don’t know what to do with him.

I gave blood on Saturday and nearly passed out. My systemic pulse, or the top number on my blood pressure was at 87 when they first measured, (it needs to be in 90-120 range), so he took my right arm and it came in at 90. So I gave blood, and it just flowed out of me. It took about five minutes. I got lightheaded and then better and then I was seeing black, like what happens if you stand up too fast, and then it got better after a few minutes. It all ended well, but I just have a tough time giving blood. I’ve been deferred for having low iron and at another time low blood pressure. I passed out the first time I gave, and I black out about half the time I give.Since I was feeling so light headed at home I didn’t do any real housework, just laundry. I also went to Target for some shelves and then to the grocery store. So imagine my surprise when at 10:15 pm we get a knock on our door. It was Andrea and Brien. They were in the neighborhood so they decided to return something. We had a late night so Lilah was still awake and she came out to visit. It was fun to see them, just late, and my house was a disaster. I wonder if they made it to church, since it started at 9 am and they left our house at nearly 11.

Good news! I got a 90% on my first History paper!! I was so stressed that it would be horrible, but all went well and he liked my comparisons. Don’t know about English yet.

Life is still crazy though. We have my brother Scott’s wedding this Saturday. They come in tonight at 11. So hopefully they’re able to plan and get everything else ready.