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Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

I never mentioned what I got on my English test. I want to try to describe my anxiety as I waited for the page to pull up though. Last week was Spring Break, so I checked my classes to see if anything may have been posted. Nothing though. Tuesday I logged on and I saw the hoped for, yet dreaded, grade icon under my English classes header. I sat nervously waiting to see what I got. I was so worried that my writing wasn’t Standard American English and that she’d give me a 60-70% because of it. My heart was racing a little and I was worried as the screen pulled up. I got an 88% though. I was soo happy! It gives me hope that I might actually passed this class with a B, if i continue to do well, and not fail. Anyways the semester only has eight weeks left. I can’t believe that! So I better get moving because I have a posting due tomorrow and one by Saturday night for history.

The Open house for Andrea and Brien is this weekend in Utah. I would love to go, but in reality we don’t have time or money, and our car, well I wouldn’t want to drive it alone. I think. If I got this post done tonight, maybe I could convince my parents to take me and Eden with them and Lilah and Jon could have a fun weekend, but I also know, that I should stay home. I just don’t want to.

Besides Lilah has been sick. The past two nights she’s been in bed with us. Though tonight I think she should sleep in her own, because I think she’ll be well enough. We’ll see how tired we are though.