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The things Lilah says

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

I love kids when they talk… at least until they get to the why stage…. I dislike that stage.
Here’s some funny things Lilah has said.

I probably pee and poop in the grass when I was a dog. I probably had paws when I was a dog. (we took Jack, Andrea’s dog, for his potty walk before a baby shower on Saturday. Now she keeps talking about watching him poop and pee on the grass. )

I probably feed Eden when I’m big. (referring to nursing Eden, like mommy does. I think she was even pulling up her shirt as she said this.)

During a prayer: “thank you for parents kind and dear. ” after singing I Am a Child of God before saying the family prayer.

We love Heavenly Father, we love Brien, we love Andrea, we love pillows.

We don’t flush fishes down the toilet. (her favorite phrase after she watches Finding Nemo, and she says it every time she has to go to the bathroom….it’s worn off now, but I know it will come back)

Look at my belly buttons. (Said while looking in a mirror, before her bath, and pointing to her nipples.)