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Friday, April 14th, 2006

There are 4 weeks left of school.
So in the next four weeks I have
4 exams
1 paper
1 group project ( I hate group projects… all of us are procrastinating in my group, including me)
6 discussion postings (at least that I know of, plus the ones I need to catch up on for History)
26 lectures (some will be long others short, but I’m guessing at least 13 hours for lectures, plus another 10 hours of taking notes during the lectures. It takes me twice as long to listen to one when I’m typing and taking notes.)

During my exams week I have three on the same day, Tuesday the 9th. Plus a paper due on the 10th by noon for history. We’ll see how I last. Maybe I can get the paper done early. lol… only time will tell, or should I say only time will take and I will procrastinate.

I just turned in my second paper for History. I feel less confident in this one, but we’ll see if he likes it. Hopefully I get a high B, otherwise I’m screwed and will probably get a D in the class. It’s just been so difficult to keep up with his discussions and lectures. I’m left confused after most of the readings and the lectures and reading the other postings helps me to understand the material, but then I’m left with nothing different to post about because everyone as already covered each detail. I just hate this class. I usually don’t feel so helpless, but with this history class and my Bible as literature class, I feel like an idiot. Granted I am getting good grades in the Bible class, and on the assignments I do for history. I just feel lost until the last moments of reading and writing. So overall I feel lost, even though I have moments of understanding.