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Crazy week

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Jon was gone this past week, so I spent a lot of time sick and away from home.
Saturday I dropped him off nice and early at the airport. His plane left at 6:45 so we got him there at 5:30 or so. I was sad to see him go. We all were sick, and he was feeling terrible. I got home just before the sunrise and was tempted to have Lilah stay and watch it with me, but I was too tired to wait, and I wanted to get all the rest I could. Maybe another day when we’re not sick we can watch it come up. She enjoyed seeing the moon in the dawning sky, and it was a beautiful morning, even with the runny nose and coughing child. Eden seemed to also get sick on Saturday. It was great. We all ran to the store because we needed bread, and I also got some other goodies to enjoy while Jon was gone. I believe I had a fever later that day, but it was hard to tell since it was me and two little girls.

I decided to stay home from church since Lilah was still coughing, Eden had a runny nose, and I every time I sneezed snot came out of my nose. I no longer had a runny nose, but a stuff up one, and I was sneezing constantly.Lets just say I kept the tissue close by. I went to FHE at my parents house just so I wouldn’t be alone. Brien held and played with Eden and Lilah because he was sick also. Though I’m sure he had a different virus because I became sick again on Thursday, so I blame him. I tried to keep my children and myself away from the healthy people, but who knows if that worked. The Lee children still wanted to play with Lilah, and people still held Eden. Kristi thinks I got her sick, but I say it was Brien.

Monday my friend Anna come over for lunch. it was great to have the company. She was the only adult I saw that day.
Tuesday I went to my parents. I pretty much studied, a lot, and let my mom watch the kids. Howie and Kaitlyn came to play for a while, and Lilah got a little rosy from the sun. I had class Tuesday night so they just stayed with my mom, and we all spent the night. I studied more on Wednesday, and I washed our car. It hasn’t been washed in like two years, maybe three, so that was my only cleaning goal once Jon left. I didn’t get the inside clean, but at least the outside looks better.
The Lee’s watched the girls for me while I studied at home Wednesday evening. It was strange to have a completely silent, empty house. I haven’t had that, in a while. Usually I have Eden at home with me while Jon goes out, so it was nice, and strange, to have it to myself. I got some reading done, but now I think I should have been reading a different history book for my class.

Thursday was the day Jon came home. Brien and Andrea were wonderful and had the girls and me over while I waited for Jon’s plane to come in. They live right by the airport, so all he had to do was call and I was there in under ten minutes to pick him up in passenger pick up. Brien was wonderful and cooked dinner for me and the girls, as well as his wife. It was delicious salmon and summer veggies. I’m glad that they didn’t mind giving me company while I waited for Jon’s plane to come in.
Jon had Friday off so we were home and he did lots of laundry. It’s wonderful to have him home. I hate being a single parent when he goes out of town. I am grateful for all my family and the support they give me though.

Carolyn called today to see what my children were up to. I said nothing because Jon and I both have finals coming up and we were only studying and spending time at home. So she came over and took Lilah to the park and Target. Lilah fell off a slide, so all she wanted to do after that was swing, for like an hour. Carolyn finally got her off and then they went to Target. Carolyn having Lilah allowed us to get Jon’s haircut and a little studying done.
Now it’s late Saturday and we need to get Lilah into bed. She took a nap from 5:30-7:00, so she’s not so tired right now. Luckily church doesn’t start until one, so we can all sleep in. That’s if Eden doesn’t wake us all up.