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2 holes = 1 Bathroom

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

On Thursday I broke our toilet tank. How you ask….very carefully. The toilet was running so I jiggled the handle…it kept running, so I then took up the lid to see what was the matter…not that I could really tell but I figured if I jiggled stuff around maybe it would stop. Well while jiggling stuff the lid slipped into the tank and broke a hole into the bottom of the tank….water started gushing out the bottom and water kept coming in through teh hose on top. Jon got the water turned off, I grabbed towels and he started scooping water from the tank to the sink with a container that use to hold my cotton balls.

Flash forward to Yesterday. We figured maybe we could just buy a tank to go with the toilet. Jon went and bought one. The problem being they didn’t have any 10 inch rough in toilet tanks. Our house of course is weird and not the standard twelve inch rough in for the sewer line. Anyways it didn’t fit so he took it back and asked about getting a ten inched ordered. The people mentioned how he should get a toilet too, because they’re not really interchangeable. So now we need a whole new toilet for me dropping the lid into the tank. We think the tank porcelain had been weakened though. The blue toilet cleaner drop in things for keeping the bowl clean, or rather the water is blue as to disguise a dirty bowl, they’re bad for the tank and the porcelain had a blue stain clear through it. When we had the plumber over to work on the toilets she mentioned how they were horrible for the toilets and sewer and to never use them. They were in from the previous owner. Anyways. Jonathan decided he would remove the toilet so as to be prepared for getting a new one. So now we have no toilet in the master bath. Our first hole. (I’ve covered it with a bag, so as to not see the ugly hole, but you can still hear the sewer gargle at times…gross.)

Our second hole is in the guest bathroom. It’s the wall of the shower…our project of drying out the frame and wood behind the shower wall. We just haven’t figured out how were going to fix it. (We basically know what we need to do it’s a matter of getting the materials and doing it, and doing it correctly at that.) This is really our first hole… it’s been there since January or so.

So we have a working toilet in the guest bathroom but no shower and we have no toilet in the master bath with a shower. It’s a crazy house. I guess it’s good that we have two bathrooms, is just that we have never had two fully fucntional bathrooms since we’ve moved in.

We may have to put new linoleum down in the master bath because when Jon took the toilet off some of the caulking was still there (it had seeped under the toilet) and there are now some tears in the linoleum and it was lifted a little of the floor. We were planning on doing this in the guest bathroom, but not the master. So our remodeling is coming a little sooner than expected and in a different bathroom than expected. We’ll see where life takes us on this.

They say remodeling bathrooms is where people get the highest return for their money. I mean it’s the grossest place in the house so if you spend a couple thousand putting new stuff in, your home price can go up a few thousand and people will like the bathrooms more and be more likely to feel comfortable with the house and buying it. When you remodel other rooms, even the kitchen, you usually just break even with what you put in and how much it helps your equity.

Anyhow….The home owning adventure continues.

My Birthday

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Well I am now 23 years old. I’ll have to adjust to the age change. It seems that it takes about six months for me to remember the new age. When I was engaged (this would have been in December or so that year ) I said how I would be turning 18 in May and some of the girls teased me about Jon getting a real young one and it not being legal…since that would make me 17 and engaged.

Anyways, it was a great weekend. Jon did all the dishes.. or tried to keep up with them. It seems that we were overrun with dishes. I think it started Wednesday when we had the elders over. I had tons to do but I only got one load done on Thursday, and then Friday my birthday weekend began… so I didn’t do any dishes. Jon was a sweetheart and never complained about them.

It was a great weekend full of fun with my loved ones, cake.. we still have so much cake, and Del taco. I love Del Taco, plus their chicken soft taco’s are only $0.79 so it was a cheap dinner.

I went to a party Friday night and saw some friend’s from high school. It was strange to be married at a party full of single people, really it was for single people, but my friends were all so happy to see me. It was tons of fun to catch up and see them. We went to IHOP for some food. I went mostly because the people I knew were going and it would be easier to talk.

Saturday we relaxed. I did a DI run. Boy does it fell good to get rid of stuff. Though you can hardly tell. We got rid of tons of clothes and then some odds and ends. I still feel overrun with stuff, but maybe now I can make new DI piles.

Sunday was church and FHE at the parents.

Monday my friend Kristi came over for lunch. She and I have known each other since high school and it was tons of fun to catch up with her. Monday night we went to the Grand Lux Cafe inside the Venetian with a couple from our ward. He’s a manager there and we’ve been trying to go, but it wasn’t until this weekend, a week before they move to Dallas TX, that we were finally able to get together with them. The food was delicious. Jon and I then went shopping at the Las Vegas outlet malls near downtown. We found sandals for Jon. My one goal was to get Jon a pair of shoes or sandals. I was disappointed because I couldn’t find any cute black slip on’s or flip flops. I need some to go with my new shirts that are black. It’s hard when you looking for something kinda specific but you can’t find anything. I want a casual black slip on but not dressy, maybe a little sporty, but not too sporty… is that too much to ask?!?! Anyways we only went to one shop that I was able to look at shoes because of the time. I’ll have to hit the mall sometime.

It was a great weekend. I wish it didn’t have to end.

Other news

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Eden now has three teeth, though the forth may have broken in this morning I just haven’t checked. Her top left front tooth has come in, and been there for about a week. She’s not a very grumpy baby when she’s teething. She takes after Lilah, it was only the first one that ever bothered Lilah. Eden has never been too bothered by any of the teething yet. Maybe a little more needy, but she’s still pretty much herself and happy. She’s continue to grows and gets bigger everyday.

Lilah has less than a month before she’s three. I can’t believe I have nearly have a three year old. It makes me a little sad, but happy. She tons of fun and a great sister.

Andrea also has less than a month before her and Brien move to Ely, Nevada. I’m so sad. I’m really going to miss them and we’ll try to visit, but we’re not much for traveling except family reunions. We have one in August in Delta Utah so we’re thinking we may come back through Ely and see them and visit the Great Basin Nation Park since it’s only an hour away. I love them both so much, and the girls adore them, so I’ll be sad. Plus we’re losing some babysitters.;)

New habits

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

Well I’m trying to get into new cleaning habits. It really bites.
I’m trying to keep the kitchen and dinning room table neat for one thing. I figure as long as the sink is emptied once a day then I’m doing good. (I haven’t gotten to it today, but that’s because I was cleaning the bathroom sinks and toilets.) I’m also trying to have the kitchen tabled cleared off once a day. These are two of my worst areas (besides the computer desk). The table seems to get piled up with stuff and it just stays there. I hate doing dishes because an hour later there’s always more. Well see. I do most of my cleaning in the morning while Eden naps and only Lilah is awake. I figure give some time to the girls and then take some for me to do things around the house.
I’m hoping to also get rid of things we don’t need and find space for the things we want to keep. We have tons of memorabilia that we need to go through. I’m hoping to maybe organize some pictures and put things into binders so it will make space in the closets. (we don’t have shelf space, but we can buy a new bookcase… it’s where to put it) I’m also hoping to get all sorts of sewing done and all the other little things that have to get done.
There’s a lot. I hope to take it a little at a time and make habits of keeping things clean, then my house will be less chaotic and welcome to people anytime…their may be toys across the living room and maybe some dishes in the sink…but that’s life. I’m hoping it will be easier to keep the house clean once I make it through the whole house. Little by little it will be more of a habit to do daily cleaning, rather then weekly, or even monthly. Sure I’ll have do do major a moping of the living room and dining room, but if I keep it swept and I wipe the floors down that will be easier and if I vacuum the rooms regularly, including the living room rug. Eden doesn’t like the vacuum and neither does Lilah, so it can be tricky to find time.
Just one day at a time, and one space. If I organize one space and keep it clean, then I can stay organized.
Jon had the idea of doing ten minute clean ups daily. Set the timer and just put things away. It’s amazing how much you can get done.
We’ll have to start the up again. 🙂

Early presents

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Yesterday I got my birthday presents, or we could say it was my mother’s day gift. I went shopping for capri’s, or shorts. We had decided on me buying one pair, so I could have something for the summer. I found some cute cropped jeans and some khaki gaucho (is that right) shorts that really flatter my body. So I called Jon to see if I could have them both, one being an early birthday present, and a shirt, (the shorts are low rise so I needed another shirt to go with them because I only have about three at home that are the super long style so you don’t see anything you shouldn’t) Anyways I’m just so happy to have gone shopping and to have some new clothes to wear. I haven’t bought pants since after I had Lilah. Carolyn gave me some jeans, so those are great, but it was nice to buy something just for me, that fits me just right, right now. I have bought some shirts since I’ve had Eden, but it’s so fun to have a new outfit. I stopped by payless and got some flip flops. I still need a another pair of sandals, but these are comfy and they match the outfit I bought and will go with anything since they’re tan.
I’m trying to get my wardrobe down to having clothes that I feel good in. I do have my frumpy at home clothes, but I’m even trying to get ride of those a little. It’s just nice to look good and when you think you look good you feel good. I love that long t-shirts are in style. I would buy more if I had the excuse. I just feel good and I can’t wait to go out and look cute. I suppose I should also stay home and look cute. I appreciate Jon and his love for his frumpy wife that doesn’t shower everyday. (I still smell good though.)
Happy Early Birthday to me!

Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 14th, 2006

It’ mother’s day. Jon made me a beautiful breakfast, and were’ going to have the day to ourselves, except we will be going to church. Usually we visit our moms but this year were a little anti -Mother’s Day . Not that I think it’s bad to honor our mother’s, but the world is so caught up in buying your mother something and showing you love with a gift/card/chocolate. We just didn’t have the mental energy to think of gifts to buy our Mom’s or cards to make. (Jon’s mom loves the homemade cars we make her.) We just want to enjoy one another without the worries of classes and having to be somewhere. Saturday is our errand day so Sunday is our rest day, but it can be so busy.

I love my mother. She’s been an example to me since I was little. I love my mother-in-law because she doesn’t meddle. I love being a mom and watching my two little girls grow.

Here’s some pictures of what my girls have been up to.

Jon found Eden in the box….he has no idea how she got in it… She’s not big enough to climb into it.
Lilah decided she wanted to be in the box with Eden.
This is from the FHE that we celebrated Jon’s birthday…Eden liked the wrapping paper.
Lilah liked the Leopard.
Where’s Eden?
Lilah “helping” me blow up the pool we just bought.
When I was blowing up the pool Lilah kept giving me hugs and kissings and saying I love you Mommy.
Jon took this picture… he thought we we’re being cute… Lilah liked the show more that the camera.

Eden is now crawling everywhere. I keep forgeting to write that down. I don’t remember when she made the full transition from army crawl on her tummy to totally crawling, but she’s even faster now. It’s only been the last week that’s she been doing it constantly…. so I’m not such a bad mother.


Friday, May 12th, 2006

I’m doing a pampered chef party on the 24th of June. My goal is to have two sets of drapes made… and maybe the ones for my bedroom. Well see. I need a good fabric sale to go on before I buy any fabric for the bedrrom drapes, or I need my ad for JoAnn’s that gives me 40 % off one item. I don’t think sewing costs less unless you get everything on sale. Otherwise you still pay around the same price, not including labor, for a project.
I probably wouldn’t do the party except Kristi now sells Pampered Chef and I want to help her networking.

This was my hardest semester by far. I’ll be getting a C in my History class, which is all I hoped for. I could have done better…but that would have taken more effort…(sigh…roll of eyes)…but I did okay. It was a hard class and very time intensive. I set my goal at passing the class with a C and that is what I did. I’ve learned that where you aim, will be where you fall. On the bright side I’ll be getting an A in my Women’s class! Not sure for my English and Psychology class, though I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting B’s.
It wasn’t a bad semester, but I’ve definitely had better. I feel that I didn’t try hard enough. I suppose it goes back to having certain things come easy. I’m naturally able to get good grades by working just a little (being B average) in most of my classes, and when I apply myself I can get great grades (being an A average). I’ve enjoyed getting the A’s in classes and applying myself. The classes in which I like my teachers, or if it’s a course in which other students don’t do well, such as statistics (at least most psychology majors don’t do well with stats.) I study and work and I receive A’s sometimes A-‘s. It’s nice to get good grades. If I have a personality conflict with the teacher, I don’t try as hard, so I get B’s and occasionally a C. I really didn’t like my history teacher. I had to deal with him when I worked in Distance Ed on campus, so I had a grudge against him before the class even started. Then it was soo much reading, his lectures took forever for me to watch and take notes, and he wanted detailed postings each week. He actually gave us the opportunity to revise and post the DP’s until today… but I thought I missed the deadline and then I did miss the deadline. (He posted the grade scale and made it sound final and then I found the posting that said we had until five to post the DP’s , and it was 4:55…sigh… oh well). I suppose I’ve labeled myself as average for so long that it feels good to be above average and know that I’m capable of that, so it stinks to get a C. I also know how many afternoons I took a nap or watched TV instead of studying, so I feel bad that I didn’t have more self control.
I’m happy that I passed.
I’m happy that I was able to complete the semester without causing bodily harm to myself or my children.;) I love them but they can be hard to deal with under pressure.
I’m grateful for all the nights Jon watched the girls so I could study.
I’m grateful for the few afternoons my parents watched the girls so I could watch lectures.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to go to school. I suppose it gives me a level of validation in my life.
I’m glad the semester is over and I pleased with most of my grades.

Almost Finished

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

I have one exam left… and still lots of studying to do…. but only one exam left.
It’s my English Exam so I fear for what it holds, but I’m always able to get it together and luckily we can use notes since it’s essay, and those help me tons.
I feel the light starting to shine with the close of the semester in my grasp. I would take the test this very instant if it were for the fact that I need an uninterrupted 2 1/2 hour block to utilize and have all the time needed available to me. Yeah, who has that kind of time with two kids and nursing?
Anyways. I registered for my final classes today. One positive is I got into an interesting CRJ class. It’s a seminar on sex offenders. The problem is I don’t know if I need permission from the instructor to take it since I’m not a major. It let me in, but I’m not sure if it was a fluke. I also got into a music class on the British invasion of 60’s music. A 400 level English course on Mythology…yeah I’m crazy… but I love mythology. I also registered for a Journalism 101 course that’s on-line and Social work 101, because I didn’t want to take a 400 level psy course on-line. I’m going to be dropping one course since I only need four, but I’m not sure which yet out of the three I don’t need. (I need one more upper division CRJ course to graduate so that one’s not an option.)

Part of me worries about graduating. I’ll be losing part of my identity… I’m sure I’ve written about this before. I won’t be able to say I’m a mom and a student. People become impressed when I say that I attend full time and take care of my girls all day. Sure they’re alive, but they are sometimes attention deprived. I can’t say I’m a mom and I have a BA in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. That just sounds pretentious. I’ll be happy once it’s over, but part of me will miss the stress, learning, and awarness my classes give me.

I have tons of summer projects to do.
Drapes, cleaning, organizing, gardening, cleaning, organizing…..playing with my girls, getting a little pool; maybe a tan will color my ghostly skin.
I also have three or four months of Ensigns, Friends, and Guideposts to read. ( I have read part of the Friends with Lilah already, just not all.)
I can’t wait to get started on Summer.

7 am

Friday, May 5th, 2006

okay, okay…. I know I’ve been spoiled for the past 2 3/4 years. Lilah was a wonderful baby and toddler. She let me sleep in until 8 usually, sometimes 9 on a regular basis. Eden was also good. Once she started sleeping through the night…around two months of age…. I was able to sleep until 7 or 7:30, feed her, and usually she would go back to sleep, allowing me to sleep until 8-9…. when Lilah would get up, or once Sesame street would get over. Now both my girls are on a schedule of waking up around 7:15-7:30, today it was 6:55 for Lilah. Part of me knows that if only I took advantage of this I could get so much done in the day.(The past few days I’ve felt like it’s noon, but it only 10.) Also Lilah goes down earlier and takes longer naps. Like she’s asleep right now. Eden well she’s another story….I’m just glad that Lilah can sleep with the noise Eden makes. Eventually standing and playing in the crib gets old, she sits and goes to sleep, or I continue to go in lay her down, so she has that opportunity to go to sleep. It’s a battle every time now that she stands ans plays. I should get more dishes done with my earlier mornings but I find myself playing with the girls or sometimes studying. I’ve watered our gardens in the cooler mornings and I’m usually ready for a nap when Cailou comes on at 11. I guess I’m getting a schedule change. I actually feel pretty awake…. well see after reading my history book…considering Jon and I were up talking until 1:30 am last night.
It’s great to be in a relationship where we both trust each other so much, and have faith in one another. We both have our problems, but I like that we don’t become codependent and controlling of the other. I try not to anyways and he does also. It’s a marriage, but people also have individual trials. Most affect marriages of they become out of control, but many day to day trials are just that. Trials that are to be conquered that day, in that moment, and forgotten.

Stringe of Birthday’s

Friday, May 5th, 2006

We have two birthday’s in May, Jon’s and mine. June has Lilah’s and July has Eden’s. So we’ll be eating lots of cake.
Monday we celebrated Jon’s birthday fro family home evening. He decided that instead of receiving gifts for his birthday, he would give gifts. So the girls got a couple of books. I got a shirt that says I love my geek, the DVD The Best Two Years, plus a pooka shell necklace that he picked up in Orlando. He also picked up a little stuffed leopard, one of the Ty beanie babies. Lilah liked that more than the books and Eden liked the wrapping paper more than the leopard. It was a fun family home evening.