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Almost Finished

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

I have one exam left… and still lots of studying to do…. but only one exam left.
It’s my English Exam so I fear for what it holds, but I’m always able to get it together and luckily we can use notes since it’s essay, and those help me tons.
I feel the light starting to shine with the close of the semester in my grasp. I would take the test this very instant if it were for the fact that I need an uninterrupted 2 1/2 hour block to utilize and have all the time needed available to me. Yeah, who has that kind of time with two kids and nursing?
Anyways. I registered for my final classes today. One positive is I got into an interesting CRJ class. It’s a seminar on sex offenders. The problem is I don’t know if I need permission from the instructor to take it since I’m not a major. It let me in, but I’m not sure if it was a fluke. I also got into a music class on the British invasion of 60’s music. A 400 level English course on Mythology…yeah I’m crazy… but I love mythology. I also registered for a Journalism 101 course that’s on-line and Social work 101, because I didn’t want to take a 400 level psy course on-line. I’m going to be dropping one course since I only need four, but I’m not sure which yet out of the three I don’t need. (I need one more upper division CRJ course to graduate so that one’s not an option.)

Part of me worries about graduating. I’ll be losing part of my identity… I’m sure I’ve written about this before. I won’t be able to say I’m a mom and a student. People become impressed when I say that I attend full time and take care of my girls all day. Sure they’re alive, but they are sometimes attention deprived. I can’t say I’m a mom and I have a BA in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. That just sounds pretentious. I’ll be happy once it’s over, but part of me will miss the stress, learning, and awarness my classes give me.

I have tons of summer projects to do.
Drapes, cleaning, organizing, gardening, cleaning, organizing…..playing with my girls, getting a little pool; maybe a tan will color my ghostly skin.
I also have three or four months of Ensigns, Friends, and Guideposts to read. ( I have read part of the Friends with Lilah already, just not all.)
I can’t wait to get started on Summer.