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Catch up

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

So lots of things have happened.

First Lilah turned three this weekend. I have a three year old. I still can’t believe I have two children, and I have a three year old.
We had family over. Howie, Katy, and Lilah ran around the house while holding Lilah’s balloon. It was funny.
I’ll post pictures later… though I don’t think we have any of them playing. I’m just to busy right now.

We watched some tortoises this weekend. I wanted to take a picture but forgot. This is the kind of pet I can handle, as long as they are small, these where small. It was easy and they don’t make too much nose or need a lot of affection.

I got cupboards for my dining room. This is a biggy. Before we had an open bookcase that wasn’t very space efficient. Not we have white cupboards with doors. They are 70×24 inches and 15 inches deep. We have two right now. Jon was only going to buy one, because we’ve had a lot of extra expenses, but Dad was there with his truck ,there were only two on the shelf, and it seemed a waste to make dad come back in a month or so to get the second one. So I was soo happy when they brought two home. Jon put them together on Saturday, because Eden loved climbing on the boxes and they were just a hazard waiting for a disaster.

I’m sewing a lot. I almost have one set of drapes ready to hang. I need to put the side hems in and then I’ll do the bottom hem next week.. hopefully…so the fabric can settle. The curtains in the girls room have bunched a little in one and a lot in the other. It’s been annoying at times. I’ve made tones of mistakes on my first drape, so it’s been my reminder of little things that matter. I won’t mention the list, but don’t say anything if you notice that my tabs aren’t evenly spaced. 😉
I should go. Much has happened and much needs to be done.