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Picture update

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

On Lilah’s birthday we went to the park, had lunch at my parents house, but they were gone. We then went to Jo’Ann’s to pick out fabric for the master bedroom curtains. We came home had some naps ate Jack in the Box for dinner and then the family showed up. Jon didn’t get any pictures of Lilah’s blowing the candles out, but this I believe is while we were singing happy birthday.

Here’s Eden trying out one of our new cupboards.

These are our living room curtains. I still need to hem the bottom part, but I wanted them to hang and settle since I have three layers of fabric to work with.

On the 29th we decided to bite the bullet and cut Lilah’s hair. Her hair has never been cut. Jon and I want to cut our own children’s hair, so she was our guinea pig. I did a good job getting the cut even but when I was trying to add a few layers, so it wasn’t just a blunt bob, I got flustered and Jon had to finish. His layering was fine, but mine…we’ll just say it needs to be fix. For now pulling her hair back hides the mistakes. I say we should take her to a place to get it fixed, but he says where’s the drive to become better if we have an out. I just feel bad that she has to live with a botched haircut. She’s cute anyways. I cut just a small amount off to keep, but we probably cut a total of six inches…at least.

This picture doesn’t give a good idea of what it looks like, just the length, and once it’s fixed I’ll post a good one.

This is a picture Jon took of Eden while I was cutting Lilah’s hair.

I just thought it was cute how she was reaching for the camera and smilling.

Other news. We took a video of Eden helping to clean up last night. At first I was holding her arm and helping her do it, then she did it all by herself. I was amazed because she’s not even one, but it’s like hello babies can mimic what you’re doing. She was a little upset when we put the toy drawers away though because she was mimicking not cleaning up. It was cute. I’m pretty sure Lilah was picking up at this point also, but it’s so hard to spend time and remember what you did with the first one. Also the second gets less interaction so it can come as more surprising when they do things. It also served as a reminder that children can do so many things before many adults expect them to. So many people baby their kids in which the expectations are set low, so they don’t do as much for themselves. I am also guilty of this. There have been many a days when I didn’t have patience to let Lilah figure things out and I helped her. In return she occasionally expects my help and gets frustrated when things don’t happen quickly. Patience, patience and space is just what our children need sometimes, so they can discover what they are capable of. Guidance is good, but too much can be bad. We are all capable of amazing feats, and our children are also, we need to discover those hidden talents, and we need to let our children learn and accomplish things on their own. Sorry for the soapbox, just never sell a child short of their potential.

Letter to Lilah

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

Dear Lilah,
I can’t believe you’re three. It strange how you’ve been apart of my life for just three years. It’s seems like I’ve always had you, but our time is still beginning. You’re getting older and opinionated. You surprise us with your incredible memory and you show amazing patience for your litter sister at times. There are plenty of moments when I am impatient with you, and plenty of moments when you are impatient with me. I hope we can find patience together and learn to appreciate each other’s strengths. You are an amazing child. Your are so easy to care for yet so difficult at other times. You spoil me with you continual forgiveness and I try not to be hurt when the only person you want is Daddy. You have a special bond with him and we all wish we could spend more time with him. You love to read and at times I think I should buy some books on tape for you. You are becoming your own person and I delight in your growth. I’m still amazed that I have you. I love you deeply. Happy Birthday my little one.