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Other Things

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

So I have a lot of freckles and moles. Some are kinda strange looking so I finally made an appointment and saw a doctor. They removed one that day in the office. I have appointment later this month to discuss the results and to talk about removing some of the other one’s that also look strange.
I learned that raised moles are not a concern unless they start having very irregular borders and different coloring throughout the mole. This was kinda sad for me because I have a few raised moles that I wanted removed. I also have a red one on my neck. My jelly spot a has my sister Carolyn so endearingly calls it. I learned that this is just a popped blood vessel and even if removed it would probably come back. It is getting bigger so I may ask how much it would cost and have them remove it anyways because it gets scratched and what not by the girls.
I also learned that the spot on my foot will need to be removed because if it become cancerous years down the road cancer on the foot spreads quickly, so she wants to remove it now so I don’t have to worry about it. Now I like my little freckle spot on my foot. Right now it is uniform and consistent in the coloring so it’s hard for me to want it removed. I’d take a picture and post it but my toenails aren’t painted. Anyways, we’re hoping I’m not cancerous, I doubt that I am, but I figure it better to get these things taken care of while I’m young and have health insurance that will pay for it 100% as long as it preventative, in which it is right now.

Andrea and Brien or now Ely. This is my second news. I visited them briefly on Thursday after the doctor’s appointment, because they were to leave that night. They did not have a working phone last week. The phone company says it should be fine and for a mere $90 would come out and check the service in person. They think the previous tenants may have had some Internet phone system hooked up or something because it almost seems like an Internet connection and not a phone connection. I don’t know when we’ll hear from them, but they are suppose to be at the family reunion that’s coming up. There landlord said something about purchasing phone insurance as to cover these strange occurrences, but who has continuous problems with a land line? This is obviously a problem from the previous tenant and he should be the one paying the phone company to fix it, it’s just part of the job when you’re a land lord.
I hope the move went well and that the packers did a good job. The government payed for there relocation and movers. I don’t think the unpack completely for them though. I hope all is well for them. I’ll miss having them close by and seeing them at dinners. Lilah adored Brien, so I’m sad that we won’t be seeing them as often. They’re four hours from her family here in Vegas and four hours from his family in Salt Lake. They’ll visit us in the winter because Brien said “Why would I visit Hell in the summer.”
I hope you’re not to lonely Andrea and that you enjoy the small town life…it makes me laugh to think of you in Ely, it’s just so small and different from Vegas.

Job change

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

It’s July, so Jon is now officially the Assistant SIS/DARS Administrator at UNLV. He thinks it’s no biggy, I’m extremely happy and proud. Okay there is the money aspect that helps, but I’m just proud of him. He’s a hard worker and very knowledgeable and self taught. I hope this line of work is more of his genre and that he’s able to learn and advance even more. I read the description and it just baffled me because of the different analysis and everything he’s suppose to be doing. Of course it’s still kinda by ear right now because he is the first person in this position at UNLV so there was no one to train him. I hope he does it well and that the change goes smoothly.
Good Luck Honey!