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Family reunion

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

So this past weekend we packed up a rental car and traveled up to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend a family reunion. It was for my mother’s family. We took Carolyn with us. The traveling went well no crying or fussing. I believe this was due to Lilah who helped to entertain Eden, Carolyn who also helped to entertain the girls, and Carolyn was able to feed them snacks while on the road. It was fun to have her with us. I wish she would come to our next reunion, but it’s for Jon’s family. I guess I’ll just have to be in the back seat far a little while during the next trip.

Friday we ate dinner at the park with some of the family. Saturday we had breakfast played, lunch, played, and then we went back to the hotel about 3:30. Jon took all the pictures. When we got home we realized that there were nearly none of adults, and none of the extended family. Jon’s excuse was that kids are more interesting plus he was taking care of Lilah most of the time which included her partner in crime, Katy, and the adults really were just sitting around talking, so sorry it’s mostly pictures of my little family and a couple with Carolyn and Andrea. We’ll have to be more diligent at the next reunion, or maybe I’ll have the camera. 🙂

Here is Lilah and Katy running around. The boy is my cousin Jason’s son Zach, which I guess makes him mine once removed and thier’s twice removed? The tall girl is Jason’s “adopted” daughter Katelyn. (I have no idea how she spells Katelyn since everyone spells it differently. )

Here they are throwing sticks into the water, at least that is what Lilah just said.

This is my cousin Michael and his son.Lilah often just climbed around them…sorry.
I just loved these shots.

Our two artists in the sand. Lilah and Kaitlyn ( Katy)

The girls had a fun time finding trees, as Lilah called them.
I just thought it was cute how her bangs are a little sweat soaked.
This is Eden and her cousin four times removed (?) It’s my cousin Jan’s granddaughter Katelyn (again the spelling.) She liked Eden and I’m not sure if she wanted to share her goldfish with her, or if she just wanted to show them to her. She’s a cute girl though.

Cute baby in the grass.

Here’s Andrea and Carolyn playing with a slingshot. We were going to do skits and this was one of the props, but the activity was overlooked. 🙁

Carolyn getting Lilah.
It was a fun adventure. We’ll see if I’m not too pregnant to go next year, or if there are any other road blocks to prevent us from going.