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Contagious BEWARE

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

On Saturday we visited my Aunt and cousin while we were in Utah. One of my Aunt’s grandkids is 12 days older than Eden and she was sick. We didn’t know this before we got there and weren’t informed until after we had been there for a little. She and Eden had already shared some toys and plenty of slobber. I suppose we could have left once we knew she was sick, but the damage had been done so we stayed.
Now neither Eden or Lilah was eating well on Saturday and neither have eaten well since being home. Eden threw up what she had nursed on Monday morning, and was eating lightly that day. Tuesday they both we’re not their complete selves but okay. That night Eden threw up around 1:30 am and Wednesday both her and Lilah were little zombies and cuddle bugs. They both were sleeping but at different intervals and when awake they mostly just wanted to be held or lying down. Today, Thursday, they both seemed to be doing better. Eden slept in a little after I nursed her and Lilah even ate breakfast after I warned that I was going to eat the cheerios if she didn’t. Eden ate a little applesauce later in the morning which was also a big improvement. So I thought everything was looking up and that my girls were getting out of the clearing. Wrong. Eden I think is doing better, but Lilah is not. I had her go to the bathroom before her nap and while on the toilet she started to complain of her belly hurting and she wanted me to hold it. I was okay with this. After we got her pull-ups on she was more antsy and she wanted me to hold her to wash her hands, instead of standing on a stool that is next to the toilet, I thought this very odd, and I had her go lay down aafter I washed her hands. Right after I finished drying my hands I thought she’s probably going to throw up and I came into the room just in time to see her throw up onto her bed. So now I have one on the mend and the other sick. It’s just upsetting to me because this could have been prevented had we been warned. We may not have visited, but I would possibly have two healthy girls instead of two sick ones. I suppose it upsets me more because this is the first throwing up sickness Eden has had since she was really little, so I don’t like it.
I don’t mean to offendthis is to everyone: If you have a sick child tell others who are going to visit so they can make the decision to expose their child or not. Some people think hey, the more the child is exposed the better their immune system, but I’m not completely convinced. Viruses change and mutate themselves, so why should I be okay with my child getting sick if they don’t have to when they might get sick again by the same virus. I’m okay with two healthy babies sharing germs and toys, but when one is sick and her mother was throwing up, please tell me. We try to take precautions to not needlessly get other peoples children sick, so please be considerate and do the same for our children. One of us stays home with the sick child even if they’re on the mend when Sunday comes around so not to expose other’s children. I know there are circumstances when the sick child has to be at church and they only have a runny nose, or the parents can’t leave them home.
I don’t like the sharing of germs, so please let me know so I don’t have to worry each time I see you that you’re child might be sick and you may not be telling me. I find it offensive that you’re not thinking of other children’s health when you share the harmless virus. I find it very harmful to my child when they are throwing up and sick. Now, they may not have caught this from my cousin’s child, but I’m pretty positive they did. I love my Aunt, but please tell me when they’re sick because I don’t like sharing viruses. I do believe she didn’t mean to purposely not tell us and that it mostly slipped her mind because the grandchild was not continuously showing symptoms, and it was only when she stared coughing later that we were aware and they told us of the virus that the mother had had and the child. If she did know and didn’t care, then I find it very offensive.