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moving along

Friday, July 14th, 2006

I think my second child is growing up faster than my first. I don’t remember being so out of the loop on her little developments. I knew her top incisors were coming in, but I don’t check often. Carolyn loves checking Eden’s mouth, it seems she does it every time we see her, so she discovered that both incisors had broken through, this was Friday on the trip.
Eden is also folding her arms by herself at appropriate times and at times we’re not saying prayers. The first time she did it by herself Jon and I were saying our morning prayer. We had Eden lying down on the bed because it was the morning after she threw up. We weren’t folding our arms because we were holding hands and the other set was on Eden’s leg. Shortly after we started she folded her arms and for a little while stayed that way. It was so amazing to see her learn and do it at the appropriate time. She did it at breakfast and lunch that day. She continues to fold her arms for prayers, and she still needs help from time to time, but she is also doing it on her own. She’ll just randomly fold her arms and I see her mimic me quite well at times. I try to do baby sign with her, but I’m not always successful, and I don’t always remember. This morning I was asking her if she wanted a drink and doing that sign or if she wanted applesauce, and I just did the sign for apple. She seemed to bring her hand to her face after me doing this a few times so I got her applesauce. I guess there are times when you feel that your doing things over and over and they’re never responding, and now I remember that the days come where they grow and express themselves through leaps and bounds. I’m just so excited at seeing her grow. I love being a mom.