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Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

So a couple of weeks ago I had a mole removed off my back. It turns out that it was precancerous, or severely abnormal, whichever you want to call it. As the doctor put it, it was one step away from becoming cancerous. So now they basically want to do a surgery on my shoulder as though it was cancerous, or Melanoma. After the surgery I’m not suppose to lift anything heavy afterwards, yeah right, Eden has become kinda needy lately. I’m getting it done on a Friday, so I’ll have the weekend to recover, but I have Eden’s first birthday party the Saturday afterwards. 🙂 I’ll just have Jon bake the cake and I’ll frost it. I hate that it’s on my back though. I sleep on my side and my back, so it will be quite annoying to avoid my back. I was a little scared that it was precancerous, I mean what if I hadn’t gone and seen the doctor and it had become cancerous. People die from Melanoma. In reality it was just precancerous and it may have been two months, two years or even twenty years, though I doubt that long, away from becoming cancerous. They lacerated another suspicious looking mole on my arm yesterday. I’ll get called for those results, and when we do the follow-up appointment for the surgery they’ll do another full body check and remove any others that are suspicious, like a second one on my back. I just want to say get any suspicious freckles or moles checked out. It was close, but not to close for me. The thought that I had the potential of having a cancerous growth on me is kinda scary, but I’m grateful that I just did it and now I can be free of any strange growths, though I still have plenty of noncancerous moles.