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Date night

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

On Monday I asked Jon out for a date. We went last night. We went to a restaurant inside the New Orleans Hotel and Casino. Koji, I think. Anyways I had my first taste of Sushi. It was Snapper. It was….well….raw fish. It reminded me of something I’ve had but I never figured out what. Jon had ordered the tuna sushi so he let me try his second piece. I found the snapper to have a stronger taste than the tuna, and I liked the tuna a little better. I also had a cashew chicken dish which was yummy. We had the strawberry ice cream desert they serve there also. I don’t know how to explain it. It was strawberry ice cream encased in this strawberry…chewy…casing. Obviously I’m a savant with words. It was tasty also. Our dinner was delicious. We had about another hour before we had to be home, so we went to UNLV. I know exciting. I wanted to go to some mall and go shopping, but since we decided we shouldn’t spend anymore money, we decided to go walk around campus. We also visited Jon’s new office area, so now I know where to find him. It was a beautiful night and I truly love certain parts of UNLV’s campus. The trees are mature and the grass is green and it’s has some beautiful buildings, others are nicely hidden by the mature trees. We came home and Eden crawled as fast as she could to see me, then I had to leave her to take our wonderful babysitter home.

Money- so how much do you pay a babysitter? This is only the second time we’ve had to pay one. The first time I think we gave her about $4 an hour. We have two wonderfully behaved children, I really didn’t feel like I was taking advantage of her, but when you’re only gone two hours, and that’s all the cash you have on you…it seemed okay. Last night she got just over $6.50 an hour. Both times we also feed her dinner, our specialty of frozen pizza. When we were talking about how much in the car, I only had $13 on me, so it would be $13 or $20, since that’s the least amount you can withdraw form an ATM, and we don’t like doing cash back at grocery stores. Anyways, Jon’s point was that she’s taking care of our children and we’re only going to pay her $4 an hour. I also thought, heck for our two angels that’s pretty good. (Lilah truly is better behave when she’s around others, so she’s not that hard to watch and neither is Eden.) Either way, our babysitter is great and doesn’t charge a certain amount, it’s whatever you can give her. She also loves kids. I guess sometimes she’ll get $4 an hour, other times it might be $6, either way we truly are appreciative of her watching our children so we can have alone time. The funny thing is that the connecting moments don’t come when we’re out, at least not for us, but late at night when we should be sleeping, and one of us just needs to talk, and then we talk about so many things until it really is time for bed. I love to go out though and just have my husband. No bags in tow. No kids in arms. Just us holding hands, that swing back and forth and sometimes run into the others rear end. 🙂 (well that happens with Children in tow anyways)