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At Peace

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

So I’m feeling better about the whole not having a second car thing and possibly having a third child, at least for now, when it comes time to making one so I can have one, I may be a little anxious because we still haven’t come to an agreement on when we should have this third child. Overall I think I was feeling better but when the whole car thing happened I just suddenly lost all my positive flow and reverted back to being negative about everything. I admit I wanted Jon to want to help me out of my sadness with with every fiber of his body, and to say ‘lets see what we can do to get us a second car.’ But atlas he felt like he was doing a good job providing, so the fact that I was upset was more, ‘you should find your own happiness, not have me fix it’, at least that’s how summarize his response, and it’s not in a ‘I don’t care manner’ but in the ‘I love you but it’s really your trial to overcome’ manner. He has said that if it is so important to me we can get a second car. I’m very tempted to take him up on this and have us buy a gas efficient Hyundai or Kia, something that has a good reputation but wouldn’t cost a fortune. I have come to the conclusion that I will be much more happier if we get more debt paid off, and money saved, and in exchange I can hopefully get more of the minivan of my dreams, to a point of course. I want a Nissan Quest, I really just like the way they look. I’ve only driven one minivan, so I have no idea how it handles or if really it would be the best. I like some features such has the fold down seat. Jon thinks the Kia minivan might be a a good deal. I agree that they have a good reputation, and if they have some good features I could go for that. Next year when we need to buy one I hope we can get some awesome used minivan, buying new is a waste of money unless it is a really good deal. I will try to remember that it may not work out as I hope. I know I won’t get everything I want, but I do want a cool minivan. I’m not ready to be a minivan mom yet, so I must have a cool minivan. I wouldn’t mind getting the Subaru SUV either. I suppose I’ll keep my options open 😉