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Friday, July 28th, 2006

I had my surgery today. They took a long piece of skin, about 1 1/2 inches off of my right shoulder area. I have two layers of stitches. One on the inside that will dissolve in about six months and an outside set that will be removed in a couple of weeks. Jon will be doing the bandaging for the next couple weeks. I’m not feeling any pain, which is good and I’m being pampered by my honey. I’m not allowed to do anything today and I have to be careful of lifting for the next four weeks. It’s already kinda hard because I want to cuddle with Eden, but Jon has to hand her to me and I have to hope she doesn’t pull any acrobatics that would make me do any sudden movements, especially with my dominant arm.
I hope that I can start do minimal type lifting with Eden in about a week and a half. Getting her in and out of the crib and keeping her away from places she shouldn’t play. I’m to teach the Gospel doctrine lesson on Sunday, so I should get going on that. I’ve read over it, but I need to organize my thoughts and get even more familiar with the verses. Hopefully I continue to feel well so the party can be a success and I can teach on Sunday. I just feel bad for Jon. He’ll have to have the diaperbag, scriptures, and Eden. I’ll pretty much be able to hold Lilah’s hand. He’ll also have to take her to the bathroom at church because I won’t be able to lift her onto the toilet at church. I guess we’ll figure all the little obstacles out as we go.
I know this is a minimal surgery, it’s really that it’s on my shoulder and has a high ability for tearing, or healing badly of I do too much. I want to be back to normal as soon as possible with as few problems as possible