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Eden’s party

Monday, July 31st, 2006

We had a larger party for Eden on Saturday. It was just family. We had it at the Lee’s, or our adopted family. They live close to us, so I asked to have it there for two reasons: so it wouldn’t be so far away for Jon’s family (or families live on opposite ends of the valley and his parents have a hard time traveling across it), and because our house is too small to fit all our family, so if we had it at there house and then they wouldn’t have to travel to my parents for the party! I live 30 miles round trip from my parents, which mean the Lee’s live about 34 miles round trip. It really eats gas and time.
I designed and made the cake. We just had sandwiches and turkey wraps for dinner.

This was before the candle was lit, but I was taking a video while we sang.
Eden took a while to dig in but she had fun once she did.

Some of the Lee kids. The first one on the Left is there cousin. Then it’s Kierra, Jacob, and Jarom in the helmet.

My dad, he was sleeping before I took this picture.
Brien (BIL) playing with Eden, for whatever reason she liked holding the fork with him.

Ooohhhh, a card and money!
Eden opening gifts.

Family watching the opening of gifts. It’s Dara (Jon’s sister), then Andrea (my sister) and Brien (BIL).

A hat she got. She didn’t leave it on for long though.
Elana(SIL)(Jon’s sister) and Tommy(BIL), then my MIL and Dara.

I still can’t belive she’s one. I guess I’ll just have play with my girls more and do less chores since they’re growing up so fast.