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Ruptured Eardrum

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Lilah got an ear infection from her cold. She was super sensitive and I accidentally kissed her one night on her ear and she sat straight up and pushed me away and wouldn’t let me cuddle with her for a while. I debated about taking her to the doctor on Monday. I knew it was an ear infection and for most ear infections they don’t prescribed antibiotics so I didn’t want to go just hear that it would need to heal on it’s own. She had a fever for 4 days and on Monday it had left. Lilah was also playing on Monday morning so I was tempted not to go. In the end I decided to go. They told me they could recommend me not coming because they had to see the ear to know what was going on. We got there and told Dr. Shane the symptoms. Along with the pains and fever there had been a large discharge of pus, I thought it was wax because it was the same color as her ear wax, but Dr. Shane told me it was pus. This was because she had ruptured her ear drum. He prescribe some medicine and I’m suppose to come back later this month. I’m relieved that I went. I didn’t want to go. I like to keep doctor’s visits to a minimum. She’s had colds for a week and I let them pass. She’s had fevers and they pass. It’s when things don’t pass and they continue on that I decide to go. I hope her little ear heals. This is her first ear infection…or should I say ruptured eardrum. She’s letting me look at her ear now and she slept in her bed the whole night last night. I was so happy to have uninterrupted sleep, but then Eden decided to wake up at 6:30 this morning, even though they went to bed late last night. I have Kelsey over today to help. I haven’t thought past Wednesday, but I may go to a friends house or my mom’s.