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Flying solo

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

So today is my first day flying solo. Yesterday we returned the rental car, so I dropped Jon of at work and then went to my parents. I figured it would be better that way. I had my mom get Eden and Lilah in and out from the car for me. Well Lilah can get out and in by herself, except when she’s asleep, like when we left. My shoulder did okay today while driving. On Friday, when we picked the rental car up, I had trouble. The mole they just removed is on my spine on my lower middle back, so that spot rubbed against the seat while I drove. When I shifted my body, it was then my shoulder that rubbed and was irritated. Since they’ve both healed more neither bothered me yesterday while driving.

I got two driving errands done. Instead of waiting three weeks and going next Monday to the doctor’s office for Lilah’s followup on her earache, I called and they got her in yesterday before lunch. (She could see the doctor at the two week mark so I took advantage of having the car yesterday and did it. Everything is normal and it doesn’t even look like the eardrum tore.)
I also dropped by the jewelers to get my wedding rings checked. We bought an extended service plan and they have to be checked every six months. It covers things like if the diamonds get damaged in anyway, or stolen and replaced with another diamond without our knowledge (We have a number encoded on the large diamond…well it was bought that way.), they’ll replace them for equal value, and it re-sizes the ring for free and other stuff. Well, there are two cracked diamonds in my wedding band, so I had to leave them to be replaced. I left my engagement ring also so it could get cleaned by the diamond person and polished as well. I was going to have them re-sized, but I’ve noticed I’m gaining some weight back, and I’m also afraid once I ween Eden I’ll gain a lot more. ( I really just want to stay right where I’m at.)

It was so hot driving around Vegas in the heat of the noon hour. It totally exhausted me.(Our air conditioner doesn’t cool down until you’ve been driving and not stopping, so while I waited for our Del taco, we had just gotten into the car from the jeweler’s, it hadn’t cooled down and was mostly cooler outside air. I was a little sweaty until we got onto the freeway.)
I picked Jon up from work at 5 and we came home. He made scramble eggs for dinner. I did dishes while he mowed the lawn, and he watched the girls while he watered our ever dying garden. We also did two loads of clothes. We got the girls into bed just after 9 and I fell asleep on the couch about 9:20pm. (really Eden fell asleep while I fed her at 8:15, and then Jon put Lilah in her bed after we read scriptures and said family prayer.)
I was planning on taking a quick nap. I needed to give Jon a haircut but I was too exhausted to do it just then. Jon sat next to the couch and read a little, before he fell asleep and laid down on the floor. The next thing I know it’s 11:00 pm and Jon’s turning off our living room fan so we can get into bed. I’ve just been so tired after taking the trip and having so many people over. I haven’t taken any naps, which can be good because then I go to bed on time. I didn’t sleep well while in Ely. The air mattress was better than sleeping on the floor, but it was firmer than I like it. (it was great before Jon got on it, then it became firmer with two bodies. Plus he weighs just a little more than me, so he sunk a little and I was raised a little.)
I suppose my body is adjusting to getting up at 6:45 am, because of an early riser named Eden, and not getting naps. I like to stay up late, but without naps I just can’t do it. I’m still tired in the morning. I think it’s more mental than my body not wanting to get up. Mentally I’m thinking, it’s 6:45 I am not ready to get up, even though I’ve had about 7 3/4 hours uninterrupted sleep, plus another 1 1/2 hours before I went to bed. I just don’t like the morning, but I guess I’ll have to adjust.