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The First of the Last

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Today is the first day of my last semester. Now it seems strange to say that. I know for the past 8 months I’ve been worried about school and it coming to an end but, as of today, I’m excited to say that I will be done in just a mere 15 weeks. It will have taken five and a half years. I write that out so it will be read and it will be clear. I want my last semester to go out with a bang. It’s my last chance to recover from last semesters madness and get awesome grades and my last opportunity to fell like I’ve learned something. okay. I know it sounds strange. I know half way through, and especially the final weeks, I will feel tired and worn down and I will want to put the minimal effort into completely my last semester of courses. I’m hoping that by writing this down, and having those of you who read this, my wonderful family and close friends, obviously those who care enough to bookmark and comeback anyways, help me and keep me to my word. Goals are more likely to be obtained if written down, and for me goals are more likely to be done if I have someone else to remind me, or at least to be proud of me when I accomplish them. (do I sound co-dependant or what?) Anyways. I’m hoping by writing it down this will give me the motivation to actually do it. I know I can do well. I just need to apply myself and stay on task.
One thing I hate about school is how much time it takes away from my kids
I admit, my children watch a little more TV during my school semesters, especially when I have tests approaching. I try to balance that with some quality time. Like we played outside this morning while it was still cool. The grass actually had dew on it. I haven’t experienced dew on our grass yet because of the heat, so it was a new thing and Lilah enjoyed it. I try to read and play with them in the afternoon before their nap, but there is plenty of time in the morning where they just entertain themselves, or the watch a movie or PBS. We also have a DVD of the best of the Electric company…at least then I feel like Lilah is learning something while being entertained.
Anyways. my schedule is as followed.
JOUR 101–Internet— it seems like there will be weekly assignments and lectures to watch..a little time intensive, but not bad.
CRJ 302—Internet—it’s a stats course for criminal justice. I am actually looking forward to it because I did well in my psy stats and I’d rather do hours of studying math, than hours of reading and writing this semester.
MUS 137- British invasion music of the 60’s– I believe it deals mostly with the Beatles. I’ll be taking this course Wednesday nights. I’m hoping it’s fun, so even if there is papers or hard work, at least it will be interesting.
CRJ 450- seminar on Sex offenders. I’ve never taken a seminar course. I imagine that it’s just like a regular course, but the content has not been approved as a course that should be given each semester. I find sex offenders interesting because they usually have sexual addictions, and it seems that everything goes in this world..until you break the law, or make someone else uncomfortable. I wanted at one time to be a criminal psychologist, but I decided it would probably take too much out of me as a mother, or really a woman.  Certain things just harden your spirit. I hope the course turns out to be interesting.
I’m looking forward to my semester..and to my graduation.