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Train of thought. (Choo-Choo)

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Bear with this post. It’s mostly written in my train of thought, like most are, but this one goes from subject to subject. Just think of it as a long winded conversation with me. Like so many of you have had with me before. 🙂

The UNLV semester starts tomorrow. I was oblivious to this until talking to my sister last week. I was also oblivious to the fact that today was a holiday until I was picking Jon up from work on Friday and his manager asked what we were doing with the long weekend. It seems that without a school schedule to follow my life goes on and I am oblivious to time, except weekends when we have baby showers or activities to do.
Last week is a blur. I know I kept my house presentable. I worked out twice. I had a goal of posting pictures of different rooms and spaces of our house so my SIL Annie could see what it looked like. I was also going to use them as a before and after, in hopes that I am able to transform my little home this year. I got the bedroom pictures taken but nothing else. I sewed nursing blankets for a baby shower I went to on Saturday. (They’re light weight cotton fabric with a lace or border. So a mother doesn’t get too hot while nursing. They’re also perfect for swaddling the baby, covering the car seat to keep the sun out and so many other things. My girls are blanket girls, so the nursing blankets my mom made became their comfort blankets.) I had fun making them. I didn’t realize how experience comes into play even when sewing a straight line. The problem is keeping the lace or border in place while sewing a straight line at the appropriate hem distance. I hope she forgives the discrepancies. I’m a terrible seamstress because depending on the project and what goes wrong I don’t take it out. I hate taking out seams!! So I avoid this at all costs, which doesn’t mean I’m a good seamstress, it just means that I let little things slide. I learned some things while sewing these blankets so if I ever decide to make them again, maybe I can remember the small errors I made.
That was pretty much my week. sewing, cleaning and playing. My how I have less to talk about now that I don’t have school.
Lilah and Eden also had a birthday party on Friday morning. They had tons of fun, playing, coloring and popping bubbles. The weather was freezing but worth the outing.

I’ve been getting along well with the girls. Eden said stuck twice last night in context. She brought this box of books to me and said stuck because the books wouldn’t come out for her. She also said cold today when she went outside with Jon this morning and had nothing but a onsie and pants on. Most of her phrases come and go, but it’s so fun to see her learn.
Lilah is Lilah. She has this habit of baby talking or using a whiny voice the fist time she says something until I ask her to say it in a big girl voice. ( I know I’ve blogged about this before.) I think I’m going to cut out Caillou. I don’t know if this show really causes her whining, but I’ve heard from other moms that their kids whine less when they don’t watch Caillou. That’s really our next obstacle with her. I’m not sure if she does it because of Eden or if she wants the attention. She also only seems to do it to us and at home. When other people are around or if she’s not at home she’s fine. It’s just frustrating.
She did well her second week in Primary. She totally loves it!
Lilah also has enjoyed keeping the house clean for Daddy. When I ask her to help pick up she always replies “So we can have it clean for Daddy?” I feel I’m achieving this goal well. I also feel that I’m always tidying and cleaning! It’s worth it though because I feel a little more comfortable in my space and not so ashamed because I have a chaotic table, dishes in my sink or toys everywhere because I don’t, usually. I feel that I’ve worked on each goal this week. Which is an improvement.

This week my goals are to work out twice and do the toning exercise once. I also hope to do sewing on my curtain tabs and read my scriptures at least three times. ( I did read once last week, not good but better than none. ) I think if I state my goals here, then hopefully I can have the motivation to do them so I can report back. So this is my new goal until I fulfill the goals or they are habits. So I’ll blog about my weekly goals and report back. Just a warning so you don’t have to read them but it might help if I get the support 🙂

That’s your weekly Blake update.

P.S. Jon’s checked and my degree has been posted! ( Jon was worried that I may have not completed all the requirements, because sometimes they have to deny people because they were misinformed by their advisor.) Now all I have to do it wait for the diploma to come in the mail! I’ve been looking for the perfect frame to put it in, but I haven’t found it yet. My friend Anna has a floating frame for hers and her husband. I’ve seen them at Joann’s but I’ve never had the money to spend because I was always spending it on something else! I really want a floating frame with a black frame, or one like my sisters where there is a white mat and a black frame. I’m excited to get the diploma and hang it!