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Lilah’s first church talk

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Lilah gave a talk on Sunday. It was funny because they had the Sunbeam class do the talk, scripture and closing prayer. Out of the three kids, Lilah was the loudest! Jon thinks she had the advantage because she couldn’t see everyone over the little pulpit and the others could and then be nervous.

I procrastinated writing the talk. Well really I forgot and then I only had time on Saturday night between a baby shower and a movie night with the relief society. I didn’t have time to practice with her until Sunday morning. She didn’t do too well so I was a little worried and frustrated. She liked to start talking while I was telling her what to say, so it got all jumbled. I took her out from her class to practice, since they do the talk at the end of the block, and she did well listening to what I said and then repeating. This is the topic and talk I had planned for her to give, but I cut out parts and she only gave the regular print. It was funny because I was shaking when it was all done.

I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He will help me keep the commandments.

I have faith in Jesus. I have faith because I can not see Jesus but I can feel his love for me though the Holy Ghost and through the love of my family. Heavenly Father gives us commandments. Commandments are rules for us to follow while on earth. I know that I should keep God’s commandments but sometimes I do not follow the commandments. I know that if I trust in Jesus and have faith that he will help me keep God’s commandments. Heavenly Father sent me to parents that would teach me about his commandments and help me to keep them. I have faith that I can Keeps God’s commandments and feel his love when I do what is right

Bite the mullet

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Well once Eden’s back hair became long enough to put in pig tales I was ecstatic. In the past few months the back hair has grown, but not much of anything else….which gave my precious baby a mullet. Now it was the cutest mullet you have ever seen, but a mullet none the less. Lately Eden’s hair has started to fill in . You can see that it’s getting a little thicker up top, which made the mullet look even thinner. Well last night we gave the girls a bath and then bit the bullet and cut Eden’s mullet. Now she looks a little like a boy, but at least her hair looks nice when I don’t have time to put it up in pig tales, but it’s all gone. I felt a little bad cutting it off. She loves to play with her hair when she’s bored or when she goes to sleep. Now it’s gone.
Here’s some before and after pictures.

She’s cute but so scraggly.
right before the cut.
Jon did the cutting.
Here she is today….so cute even without hair.